Integrations streamline technology so that you can focus on what you care most about: providing outstanding advising to your clients. Integrations allow technology platforms to “speak” to one another; an integration lessens redundancy and lowers the time spent on administrative tasks, freeing you to invest more time into your clients (or your golf swing).

For a brief overview of integrations within RightCapital watch this short video.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are used to help manage any data associated with a client – if you have one, you know what we mean. The CRMs RightCapital currently integrate with are:

With CRM integrations RightCapital pulls in client information: contact info, date of birth, resident state — for everyone associated with the client’s household.

Asset custodians

Connect and sync asset custodians to keep client data up-to-date automatically. This is perhaps the most effective way to buy yourself extra time in your day. Custodians RightCapital currently integrates with are:

For asset custodians, RightCapital pulls in individual accounts for each client (as many or as few as are selected). RightCapital will pull over holdings-level data for each account, and the information is updated daily based on the last night’s value.


Aggregators collect account information from multiple custodians and institutions, providing a comprehensive view of a client’s investment landscape in one place. Some include CRM-like tools as well, allowing client data to be stored in the same location as client account aggregation. The aggregation providers that RightCapital currently integrates with are:

** These providers also offer single sign-on (SSO) options that allow you to automatically sign into RightCapital from the aggregation provider.

For aggregators, RightCapital pulls in all investment accounts associated with a client (no ability to just select certain accounts). RightCapital will pull over holdings-level data for each account, and the information is updated daily based on the last night’s value.

Risk management solutions

With the Riskalyze integration, RightCapital pulls over model portfolios set up within Riskalyze. Those portfolios are translated to asset classes using the Morningstar breakdown. They are stored under the 'Models' menu and are visible on the Investment and Retirement Analysis screens.

Custom asset mapping

Occasionally, when accounts are linked through account aggregation or one of our integration partners, individual investments that are not easily mapped to a known security from our Morningstar database will be brought in.  Those investments will be included under the investment account but will be mapped to the 'Other' asset class.  For those investments we can update the asset class mapping. For more information, check out our article on custom asset mapping.