What is a Single Sign-On?

A Single Sign-on, commonly referred to as an SSO, is an authentication method that allows you to securely access multiple applications (SEI & RightCapital) with a single set of credentials. Once you have been authenticated by logging into SEI, you can securely access RightCapital software without re-entering your credentials. After your first successful SSO into RightCapital, you can SSO back to SEI anytime. This saves you time and creates efficiencies as you cycle between your financial technologies. For information about the SEI Integration, please click here.

Accessing through Single Sign-on (SSO)

To access the SSO in SEI:
Log in to your SEI account
Click on the Links “Icon”
Select RightCapital
It will bring you into RightCapital and ask you to confirm the SSO setup:
Once you click on 'Yes', the SSO setup will be complete!
To access the SSO in RightCapital:
To enable the SSO in RightCapital, you must FIRST establish the connection by performing the SSO from SEI into RightCapital.
Once in RightCapital, select the Single Sign-On “Icon” at the top of the screen.
Click on SEI
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