Black Diamond

What integrating with Black Diamond does for you

Integrating with Black Diamond connects Black Diamond information to clients you have set up in RightCapital. Once established, RightCapital pulls position-level account data from each account and connects them with the client's net worth. The positions and values will be updated Tuesday through Saturday evening with the previous night's closing value.

Once the integration is active, advisors can access a secure single sign-on (SSO) to open their RightCapital advisor portal directly from Black Diamond without entering their RightCapital login credentials.

RightCapital can also send reports directly to the client's Black Diamond Timeline feature.

RightCapital does not pull in the contact information from Black Diamond; set up or use a CRM integration and then connect the Black Diamond information.

Accessing Through Single Sign-On (SSO)

To use the SSO, log in to your Black Diamond account, click the Menu button on the top, click the CONNECTIONS label, and click RightCapital. There is more information here.

How to set up your Black Diamond integration

To set up integration with Black Diamond:
Navigate to Advisor Portal > Integrations > Black Diamond
Enter your login credentials to Black Diamond
Click Connect – voila! You’re integrated!

How to use the Black Diamond integration

Once the integration is set up, link client accounts:


Log in to RightCapital

Click Open Client next to the client you’d like to integrate
Navigate to Profile > Net Worth (or the 4th step of the initial data entry workflow, if this is a new client)
Click +Link Account and select "Black Diamond" from the dropdown menu.

This button only appears if an integration has already been established


Search for the client's name from the integrating database


Select accounts (using the check boxes in the “Link” column) to assign to the current client.

Click Save to create the connection for the accounts selected. Integrated accounts will then appear under the Investment bar on the left side of the Net Worth screen.

How to Send Reports to Black Diamond Timeline

Once integration with Black Diamond has been established, advisors can send RightCapital reports directly to Black Diamond's Timeline feature. This process can save time and streamline client communications.

Navigate to ... > Report within any client plan to generate a report within RightCapital. In the Report sub-tab, at the bottom of the screen, there is a "send to" button on the bottom left side of the screen. Once clicked, advisors will see an option to post the report directly on Black Diamond's Timeline.

Two Way Integration

RightCapital and Black Diamond's two-way integration pulls critical financial planning data from RightCapital into Black Diamond's platform as account and portfolio information flow from Black Diamond to RightCapital. This integration goes beyond the typical surface-level integration by synchronizing the underlying platforms of both partners to enable deeper workflows in Black Diamond.

How To Sync A RightCapital Plan


Click on Financial Planning > Client Plans from the application menu. Select a relationship that you would like to sync a plan to. Click on the Connect Plan drop-down and select RightCapital.

Click on the Sign In button. This will redirect you to the Sign In page for RightCapital, where you will use your RightCapital advisor credentials. After signing in, you will be redirected back to Black Diamond to finish the setup process. From here, select a Household from RightCapitals provided list to link with the Relationship you are on in Black Diamond. Click Continue.
Select the plan that you would like to sync. Click Continue.
Complete! The plan information will load and be visible on the Overview page of the Planning App.
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