What integrating with Wealthbox does for you

Integrating with Wealthbox syncs household contact information from Wealthbox to RightCapital. Contact information including names and date of birth will be integrated. In order to import a contact from Wealthbox, it must be set up as part of a household and have a valid date of birth.

Integrating with Wealthbox CRM also enables a Single Sign-On from RightCapital into Wealthbox. For more information on using the Single SIgn-On please click here.

How to set up your Wealthbox Integration

To integrate Wealthbox into RightCapital:

Log in to RightCapital and navigate to Integrations > Wealthbox.
Click the Connect button, then enter your Wealthbox login credentials to proceed.
Complete the connection by clicking Yes, I authorize this request.

You will be taken back to RightCapital, and the integration is now complete!

How to use the Wealthbox Integration

Once the integration has been set up, it is very easy to import a household from Wealthbox to RightCapital:


Log in to Wealthbox, and click “Contacts” in the left-hand menu


Select a contact to be synced to RightCapital,

Click on “ Send to” in the Contact Details box on the right-hand side, and select RightCapital

You will be brought back to RightCapital and you will see a message that the import has been completed.

Click Go to Clients to see the contact and associated household information in the Client list (or navigate to it yourself by clicking “Clients” in the top navigation of your Advisor Portal).
  • This process will import all contacts in the household from Wealthbox to RightCapital, including spouses and children.

  • An individual who is not associated to a household in Wealthbox cannot be imported into RightCapital.

  • Each household imported must have a “Head of Household” assigned in Wealthbox

  • An individual without a valid date of birth associated cannot be imported into RightCapital.

  • In order to import into RightCapital, you need to open the contact record of one of the individuals associated to the household in Wealthbox, not the household contact record itself.

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