What integrating with PreciseFP does for you

PreciseFP is a data management platform that allows advisors to gather client data and distribute the information to other platforms. This integration will enable advisors to export client information such as contact info, goals, income, and expenses from PreciseFP into RightCapital. It also allows certain plan information, such as income, goals, etc., to be imported into PreciseFP from RightCapital.

How to set up the PreciseFP Integration:

Select your profile picture in the lower left-hand corner, then select Integrations and click on the RightCapital integration box.

Select the green Enable this integration button.

Login into RightCapital and Authorize the PerciseFP integration.

Exporting Data into RightCapital from PreciseFP

Click on a client/prospect name to open their Account Details. Click on the Export button and then select RightCapital.

If the client is not already in RightCapital, you can create a new record on export, or if they do exist and are already connected to an existing account, it will push updates to the already existing record for the client vs. duplicating it. Once you've made your selection click on Export.

PreciseFP / RightCapital Mapping Table

Everything you can import / export using the PreciseFP integration is listed here.

Importing Data from RightCapital into PreciseFP


Click on Accounts from the left-hand side of the page. Select All Accounts, then click on the + icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Click on the Import tab and choose Prospect or Client. Then select RightCapital from the list.

Enter the client's last name in the search box. Select the desired record from the results and click Import.
Please note:

The client must have a valid email address in RightCapital to import. Clients without email addresses will not show up in the search results. To add an email, navigate to the RightCapital Advisor Portal > Client tab > Personal Info.

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