Morningstar Advisor Workstation

What integrating with Morningstar Advisor Workstation does for you

Integration with Morningstar Advisor Workstation allows you to generate Morningstar Advisor Workstation reports based on holdings within client accounts. This integration is available to any advisor with a subscription to Morningstar Advisor Workstation.

On the Report menu advisors will have the option to generate a portfolio snapshot report, stock intersection report, portfolio x-ray report, investment detail report or snapshot & intersection report using the client's holdings. These reports will display in a separate browser window.

How to set up Integration

The first time you use the Morningstar Advisor Workstation integration, you will need to connect RightCapital to Morningstar with the following steps:


Log in to RightCapital's Advisor Portal


Navigate to Integrations tab then select Morningstar Advisor Workstation


Enter your Morningstar Advisor Workstation Login ID(Username), Institution ID, and Access code to connect the integration.

The Institution ID and Access codes can be found by logging into the Advisor Workstation directly. To find the Institution ID look under Help > Support> Institution ID. To Find the Access code look under File > User Profile > Integrations.


Click Connect

How to use Integration

In the report menu of each client plan advisors have the option to generate a portfolio snapshot, x-ray or investment detail report using the client's holdings from the Profile> Net Worth area. The report will reflect all holdings with ticker symbols from each investment account. Holdings will flow from investment accounts linked through aggregation, integration or entered manually. These reports will display in a separate browser window after being generated.

Report Types

Portfolio Snapshot Report

The portfolio snapshot report is the full offering of portfolio analytics. This report offers in-depth portfolio analysis including portfolio composition, investment style, sector weightings, regional exposure, performance and more. Advisors can choose to generate the portfolio snapshot and intersection within one combined report.

X-Ray Report

The portfolio x-ray report is the most straightforward way to communicate a portfolio’s overall investment strategy to your clients. It condenses vast amounts of investment information into a clear, concise summary that can be grasped at a glance.

Investment Detail Report

The investment detail report can be used as a reporting or recommendation tool. This report will break down relevant investment information for each holding. The appearance of the report will vary depending on the investment type (mutual fund, stock, etc.).

Intersection Report

The stock intersection report will illustrate the 50 largest holdings within the client's investment portfolio while displaying overlap between the same holding in multiple funds. Advisors can choose to generate the portfolio snapshot and intersection within one combined report.

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