Integrations streamline the data entry process with technology so you can focus more time on advising your clients. Integrations connect technology platforms, allowing reliable and secure data transfer into financial plans. Thus reducing the time it takes to create and update client plans.

How to Find the Integrations Menu

Open RightCapital and click into the °°° More Menu > Integrations tab of the Advisor Portal:
Use the search bar in the integration partners list to find the integration of your choice. Any established integrations will appear at the top of the integration partners list with a green checkmark on the right.
Select the integration partner from the list by clicking on the name, then follow the instructions listed on the right to establish the connection.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

A Single Sign-on, commonly called an SSO, is an authentication method that allows users to securely access multiple applications with a single set of credentials. Use the hyperlinks below to learn more about the SSO options available in RightCapital.

Asset Custodians

Connect and sync asset custodians to keep client data up-to-date automatically. This is perhaps the most effective way to buy extra time in your day. For asset custodians, RightCapital pulls in individual accounts for each client. RightCapital will pull over holdings-level data for each account, updating the information daily. Custodians RightCapital currently integrates with the following:


Aggregators collect account information from multiple custodians and institutions, providing a comprehensive view of a client's investment landscape in one place. For aggregators, RightCapital pulls in all investment accounts associated with a client. RightCapital will pull over holdings-level data for each account, updating the information daily.

Some include CRM-like tools, allowing client data to be stored in the exact location as client account aggregation. The aggregation providers that RightCapital currently integrates with are:

Risk Management Solution

Risk Management Solution integrations enable you to import model portfolios into RightCapital. Those portfolios are translated to asset classes using the Morningstar breakdown. They are stored under the 'Models' menu and are visible on the Investment and Retirement Analysis screens.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms help manage any data associated with a client. With CRM integrations, RightCapital pulls in client information: contact info, date of birth & resident state for everyone associated with the client's household. RightCapital currently integrates with the following CRM partners.

Data Management

Data management platforms allow advisors to gather client data and distribute the information to other platforms. These integrations allow contact info and plan information (such as goals, income, and expenses) to be sent to and from RightCapital.

Portfolio analytics

Portfolio Analytics integration partners benefit RightCapital users beyond accessing household information, position-level account data, and model portfolios. These integrations supply reporting data that help advisors analyze client investment data.

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