Onboarding Tab - Clients

For newly created clients that are still within the initial data entry process, the Onboarding section will be available as an extra tab within the Advisor Portal > Clients area. This area allows you to customize the onboarding experience for your clients by adding, removing, and re-ordering the steps of initial data entry:

Remove or Re-Order Steps

By default, the original six steps of data entry in RightCapital are Family > Income > Savings > Net Worth > Expenses > Goals:

If you'd like to remove any of these steps, deselect the box next to those steps. If you'd like to re-arrange the order in which they appear, you can drag and drop each step into your preferred order. The only step that can't be removed or re-ordered is the Family Profile.

Upon next opening the client plan, the initial data entry template will update to reflect your changes. Clients who have been invited to have access to their plan and are being onboarded virtually will also see these changes:

Add New Steps

If you would like for a client to upload documents to their Vault or complete a Risk Questionnaire as a part of their onboarding process, you can also choose to add these steps to the initial data entry. This can be done by checking the boxes for each item:

For Risk Questionnaires, you can click into the underlined header within the Onboarding tab to specify:

  • Which of your pre-built questionnaires you'd like to assign to the client

  • Whether you would like the co-client to also complete that assessment

Looking for more on Risk Questionnaires?

For a step-by-step walkthrough on creating risk questionnaires in RightCapital, click here.

Onboarding with the Blueprint

If you have a preference for the Blueprint layout (found in the Profile > Blueprint area of each client plan), you can use this same layout for client onboarding instead of the traditional profile card view. To do this, locate the 'Select template type' dropdown in the Data Entry Menu and select the 'Blueprint' option:

With this option selected, the initial data entry template will be adjusted to reflect the visuals and design from the Blueprint module. The functionality to Add New Items and Modify Existing Items mirrors the functionality within the Blueprint module, with the added ability to Link Accounts within the Net Worth tab:

When using the Blueprint as your onboarding template type, you can still opt to include the Vault and Risk Questionnaires in the initial data entry process. See the Add New Steps section above for an overview.

Onboarding Templates

You can save a specific onboarding layout as a template, for easy access in the future. Click the link for more on Onboarding Templates.

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