Family Profile

Welcome! Adding clients is a breeze, and it all starts here.

Enter Family Details

Start by entering information about the client’s immediate family.


Click on the client card to add birthday, planning horizon, and residence state.


Click on the co-client card to rename the co-client, add birthday and adjust the planning horizon if needed.


Click on the blue "Add Participant" button to add additional family members, including children, grandchildren, or others.

Adding Dependent Information

If the tax filing status is set to Married Filing Jointly, select yes or no from the dropdown.

If the tax filing status is set to Married Filing Separately, specify which client is claiming the dependent.

To update your tax filing status, please navigate to Profile > Expenses > Tax Expense and Fees card (or Step 5 of the initial six steps of data entry). For more information on tax filing status, please reference this help center article.
Key Information

Click on either the client or spouse card to adjust their planning horizon, which reflects their life expectancy. The default planning horizon is 90; you can change that for new clients under the Client Presets.

In the client card, make sure to enter their Residence state, which is the state used for calculating state taxes. If the client resides outside of the United States, you can select 'Non-U.S.' for the residence state field, which will turn off all income-based tax calculations.

If there is no co-client, mouse over the "Co-Client" card to reveal the "X" in the upper-right-hand corner. Clicking the "X" will delete the "Co-client" card. When attempting to remove family members from a financial plan, the system will display a warning message reading, "All information related to the co-client / child will be deleted and cannot be recovered. Are you sure you want to proceed?".

At any point in time after completing the initial six steps of data entry, you can hover your mouse over the client names in the upper left corner of the plan to quickly see the names and ages of every member of the household:

Next Step in Data Entry

Click on the Next button to move on to Step 2: Income
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