The Blueprint module visualizes the client's net worth, goals, income, savings, and expenses after completing the initial data entry. This area is designed to help clients understand the foundation of their financial plan by displaying key financial details through intuitive & interactive graphics. To access the Blueprint module, select the Profile Tab > Blueprint tab.

Blueprint has three separate areas to illustrate client data, Net Worth, Goals, and Income, Savings, Expenses. Items in each area can be re-ordered using the drag-and-drop feature.

Net Worth

In the Net Worth you can see the items owned by the client, co-client, and items owned jointly. Each item is color coded by type. Bank & investment accounts are green, stock plans, properties and other assets are blue, credit cards and liabilities are red, while insurance policies are seen in light blue. If your client has trust-owned assets, you'll see them at the bottom of the page. Any new or edited items within the Blueprint Net Worth area will automatically update within the Profile > Net Worth.


The Goals area of the Blueprint module displays all the key events happening in your clients life. These simple visuals will help clients understand the timing and relationship between financial goals within their plan. Any new or edited items within the Blueprint Goals area will automatically update within the Profile > Goals area.

Income, Savings, Expenses

The Blueprint also displays the household’s Income, Savings and Expenses as a visual summary. This area easily demonstrates the movement of funds through the plan The inputs are organized by owners, and color coded by category. Any new or edited items within the Blueprint Income, Savings, Expenses category will automatically update within the corresponding Profile tabs (Profile > Income, Profile > Savings, Profile > Expenses).

Adding New Items

Within each tab of the Blueprint module, advisors and clients can add new data entry inputs that will impact the current plan. New data entry items added to the Blueprint module will automatically update within the corresponding profile tabs (Family, Income, Savings, Net Worth, Expenses, & Goals). To add a new item, click the blue add button on the right side of the Blueprint page.

Modifying Existing Items

The Blueprint module allows you to edit existing items listed under the Net Worth, Goals, and Income, Savings, Expenses. To adjust an existing data card from the blueprint module, double click on the colored tile to see the drawer appear from the right side of the screen. This drawer includes editable data fields that allow advisors and clients to quickly adjust information. Any adjustments made will automatically flow into the corresponding tabs of the data entry.

Customizing Blueprint Visual

The 'Edit' button on each of the Blueprint sections allows for more customization of the Blueprint pages. Similar to the action items, advisors can check/uncheck the individual items they want to display in each section. The goals tab will also allow advisors to specify if re-occurring goals display in the timeline for every occurrence or the first year only.

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