Inviting a client to create their account

The Client Portal is a powerful retention and communication tool. Best of all, it’s built into your RightCapital subscription already!

The Client Portal provides your client’s with

  • 24/7 access to their complete financial picture
  • A secure document vault
  • Streamlined communication with you, their advisor

At any point, you can choose to invite your client to access their account. You can control which sections of the software are visible to your client.

Inviting a client to create their account

To invite a client,


Navigate to your Advisor Portal and select the client’s name in the client list.


Select the Client Access tab on the right.


Enter email addresses for client and/or spouse, select modules you want your clients to have access to, and click the Invite button to automatically send the client(s) an email inviting them to create their account.

The email will have a link to create their account - all they need to do is enter a password of their choosing and click on Create Account.

Did you know?

You can customize the email content.


The link that is sent is only used for the client to initially create their account.  Once they have created their account, they can access their account using  your branded login page or at

What if my client didn’t receive the email?

Every email sent by RightCapital is digitally signed as a legitimate business correspondence. This special signature is recognized by all major email service providers, including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud,, and AOL.

However, there are still situations where the invitation email ends up being mis-categorized as spam. Please remind your client to check their spam folder if the invitation email didn’t appear in the inbox.

  • If your client missed or accidentally deleted the invitation email, you can send a new one by clicking the  Resend  button.
  • If your client has problems accessing his or her emails, you can also share the direct signup link  with your client. The link can be found below your client’s email address in the  Client Access  tab. You can also copy the Direct signup link and email it to clients at any point.

Note - if you share the "Direct signup link" with clients, they will receive an email asking them to verify their account.

How do my clients log in afterward?

The initial link is only for clients to create their account.  Once they have created their account, they can log in through your branded log in page.

Don’t have a branded log-in page yet?

Set it up today by navigating to  > Account > Customization tab. Click here for more information.

Clients can also log in at if you wish.