How to Invite Clients to Access their Portal

Explore Client Acess in RightCapital

If you are looking to strengthen client relationships and reinforce brand values, permitting clients access to RightCapital's client portal is a proven path towards success. Best of all, it’s built into your RightCapital subscription already!

The Client Portal provides your client’s with:

  • 24/7 access to their complete financial picture
  • A secure document vault
  • A mobile app to track financial progress and budgeting
  • Streamlined communication with you, their advisor

At any point, you can invite or remove your clients to access their portal and control which modules of the software are visible. Click here to learn about customizing the financial portal for each client.

For a brief overview of granting client access watch this short video.

Inviting a client to access their portal

Once a client's plan has been established in RightCapital, you can invite the client to view and interact with financial tools. For example, clients can use their portal to track account balances, manage a budget or communicate with you, their advisor. Use the following process to invite clients to access their financial portal and mobile app:


Navigate to your Advisor Portal and select the client’s name in the client list.


Select the Client Access tab on the right.


Enter email addresses for client and/or spouse, select modules you want your clients to have access to, and click the Invite button to automatically send the client(s) an email inviting them to create their account. The email will have a link to create their account - all they need to do is enter a password of their choosing and click on Create Account.

Mobile App

Once clients receive the email and establish their username/password, they can access the Mobile App to track important financial information from their smartphone. Use this link to learn more about RightCapital's Mobile App.

To learn more about customizing the client portal Click Here.

Virtually onboard new clients

Alternatively, save time by allowing clients to enter their own information. Virtually onboarding clients is a great way to quickly and easily collect data. Whether the client has access to their client portal after the data entry is completed is completely up to each advisor. For more assistance when virtually onboarding clients click here.

Use the RightCapital Leads URL to virtually onboard prospects who visit your website, social media, and receive your marketing emails!

Client access mode

When inviting clients to access their portal, you have the option to view the custom interface that you've created for each user. The client access mode allows you to see visualize the client portal based on the sections that the client can see. This can be used to present financial plans during in-person meetings or to gain a better understanding of what the client has access to in their customized portal. To learn more about customizing the client portal Click Here.

To view the "Client Access Mode" visit the Advisor Portal > Select the client > click Client Access Tab > choose "Client Access Mode from the "Open Client" dropdown menu.

Clicking the lettering, "Open Client" on the button will open the financial plan in the advisors view.


When the plan is opened in "Client Access Mode":

  • You can still update information regardless of what the action item permissions are selected.
  • The live chat support feature is hidden, as to not distract from presentations.
  • The Settings icon will display information associated with the advisors's access so that you can make changes as needed.

Below is an example of what the client access mode would look like based on the personalized client access tab settings:

Client facing resources

Occasionally clients reach out with questions during the virtual onboarding process. RightCapital has designed tailor-made resources that can be sent directly to clients or included within your invitation emails. the following resources are designed to help you assist them with minimal effort.

Click here for our full list of client-facing resources that address data security, linking accounts, and instructions for filling out the data entry.

Tracking client activities

Use the Advisor Portal > Activities tab to see any changes clients make to the Profile, as well as keep track of when they access the system. For more information on the activities tab, click here.

Grow Your Business

Client retention is key to long-term success, and RightCapital is committed to your growth! The Activities can indicate which clients are engaged throughout the year, as well as highlighting clients who may need an extra nudge or phone call to be sure they are on track with your advising and are retained as clients.

Client settings

Each client portal will have options to adjust the login email, change passwords, and enable multi-factor authentication. These features can be accessed in the Gear Icon > Security Tab. The Client Portal > Gear Icon will also allow clients to adjust budgeting details, notification settings, and view RightPay payment details.


If a client gets a new phone and needs reset multi-factor authentication please have the associated advisor reach out to the advisor support team for assistance.

Client Vault

The client can access their private and shared vault folder by clicking the (...) "more" icon on the upper right corner of the screen and selecting the vault subtab. For additional information on the vault feature, click here.

Removing access

At any point, client access to the financial portal can be removed. Additionally, advisors can help clients reset their passwords or two-step verification as needed. Click here to learn more about managing client access to their portal.

Talking points

RightCapital provides talking points that highlight how a financial portal can improve your clients' lives. When clients understand the benefits of their portal, they have higher rates of acceptance, allowing you to do more planning in less time. Use the talking points below to add value during conversations that introduce clients to their financial portal.

  • 24/7/365 Access

    With the client portal, clients can check their finances on the go. They can breathe a sigh of relief when the market fluctuates and their long-term goals are still funded. 24/7 access decreases panicked calls to your office and allows you to coach your clients on what they should look for in their financial picture.

  • A single, unified view

    Using the client portal enables your clients to put all their finances under one roof. Seeing their funded accounts alongside the probability of success, and cash flow projection helps you gain the big picture view, even on assets held away.

  • Simple view into their finances

    If your client wants to go deep into their finances, great. However, if they just want to know their Probability of Success or if they have enough cash in their emergency fund, that’s right on the dashboard with easy access. It’s simple to use, easy to access, and one of the first things they’ll see when accessing their portal.

  • Collaboration with you

    An often overlooked benefit of the client portal is the collaboration it reinforces between the client and yourself. The client portal provides a solution to confusing interactions where arbitrary numbers are gathered from different sources. When using the client portal, you are both on the same page, looking at the same data, making a coherent and agreed-upon decision.

    Tip: use the built-in Notes and Tasks to memorialize those decisions.

  • Mobile app

    Many advisors have raved about the client portal app as it reaches a broader set of their client base, engaging clients through the day and week as they check in on their finances from the comfort of their smartphone. The app presents all the client portal information in a way that is even easier to engage on the go.

  • Tasks

    Tasks represent instantaneous and seamless communication between you and the client. Need something done? Create a task for yourself or your client. Client need something from you? They can create a task for you to complete. Tasks are funneled through the client portal and tracked by the advisor. They can send push notifications to the mobile app or email to notify the client of your objectives. Additionally, many advisors use tasks so their clients can visualize/quantify all the work they do for them!

  • Vault

    Files are often exchanged over email. They got lost, deleted, or it becomes difficult to know which file is the most up-to-date.

    You and your and clients can upload files for each other to access. For instance, you could create a task for them to upload important files (tax returns, pay stubs, account info) for you to process on your schedule.

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Also, be sure to check out the Getting started guide and our YouTube channel for more!

For additional assistance inviting clients to RightCapital please contact Support.