Two-factor authentication


RightCapital is committed to your success as an advisor, and your security is a critical component of your success.

Two-step verification is an advanced security feature for your RightCapital account and your clients' accounts that is designed to prevent anyone from accessing or using your account, even if they know your password.


Two-step verification requires that you have access to your mobile device every time you attempt to log-in to RightCapital, as your mobile device is used as the second step of “two-step” verification.

Continue to grow your client’s trust by giving them peace of mind, knowing that their sensitive financial data is protected by advanced two-step verification security.

Setting up Advisor's two-factor authentication

Sign in to your account.
Go to Gear Icon > Security, and click Two-step Verification.

Follow the instructions on the page to set up two-factor authentication using either the 'Google Authenticator' or 'Authy' apps on your phone.

When replacing your cell phone, be sure to disable two-step verification first. You can re-enable it once the authentication app is installed on your new phone. Otherwise you will lose access to your RightCapital account.

Setting up your clients' two-factor authentication

Your clients can set up two-factor authentication using the same process that you do.

Sign in to your account.
Go to Gear Icon > Security, and click Two-step Verification.

Signing in with two-factor authentication


Sign in to your account with your email and password as you normally do.


The second step of the “two-step” verification will ask for a six-digit code.


Open the authenticator app on your cell phone, identify the 6-digit code shown by your app, and type it into the RightCapital webpage. The code changes every 30 seconds.

Don't worry if the code disappears before you finish typing it into our website. A verification code remains acceptable briefly after disappearing from the app, allowing enough time to finish typing.

Disabling clients' two-factor authentication

If your clients lose access to their mobile device or if you need to otherwise disable their two-step verification, you can do so from within the Advisor Portal. Select the client's name in the client list, click on 'Client Access', and click the 'Manage' button next to their email address:

Select the 'Disable 2-step verification' option to disable two-step verification on the client's account. Your client can re-set up two-step verification using the steps above.

Disabling your Advisor two-factor authentication

If you lose access to your mobile device and need to reset the two-step verification, please contact our Product Support team.

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