Client Experience: RightFlows

Curious what your invited clients will see when you assign them a RightFlows workflow? We've got you covered! Below is an overview of workflows in RightCapital, from the client perspective.
New to Workflows in RightCapital?

To learn how to add and assign workflows to your clients, click here.

Upon assigning a workflow to a client, any tasks within the workflow that have been marked Visible to Client 𓁹 will appear within the Dashboard > Tasks tab of that client's portal. Only tasks within steps that are currently active will appear on the client side.

Clients must be both invited to access their portal, and given access to the Dashboard > Tasks tab in their Planning Access checklist, in order to see tasks and actively participate in a workflow.

For tasks that have been assigned to the client or co-client, clients will have the ability to mark those tasks "Complete" from the client side by checking the box next to the task, and then clicking Complete in the upper right. Tasks can also be viewed and completed via the Tasks tab in the RightCapital mobile app.

For tasks that are Visible to Client 𓁹, but have only been assigned to an advisor/assistant, the checkbox next to the task will be removed and clients will be unable to mark them complete. These tasks can only be marked as complete on the advisor side.
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