Change Client's Password or Remove Access

RightCapital enables advisors to manage the login permissions for any client who has set up their account to log in to their Client Portal. To do so, open the advisor portal, select the client’s name in the client list, and click the Client Access tab on the right, next to "Personal Info".

Change a client’s password

To change a client’s password (typically because the client forgot), click Manage next to their email address:
Select Reset password to initiate the reset process. A popup confirmation will appear, to be sure you didn’t change your mind. Clicking Reset will generate a random 8-digit password; Cancel will leave the client’s password unchanged.
Once a password has been reset, your client will no longer be able to log in with the previous password. They will need to use the password generated:
Save this random password!
Make sure to copy or write down the password prior to clicking Confirm. Then provide that password to your client. They will use it to log in to their account at or through your custom log in page.

If you do not record the randomly generated password to send to your client, the process of resetting the password will need to be repeated to generate another code which can then be saved and used by the client.

Once the client logs in using the password generated, they can reset their password by going to the Security menu under the circular gear menu and clicking on the Password tab:

Removing access to the Client Portal

To remove a client’s access (typically because they are no longer a client), click Manage next to their email address:
Select Remove access. A display box will appear, asking you to confirm that you want to remove client access:
Once you select DELETE, client access will be removed.

Your client won’t be automatically notified when you remove his or her access.

If you remove the invitation before your client accepts it, your client will not be able to sign up with the invitation email he or she has already received.

If you remove the invitation after your client accepts it, your client will see a message the next time he or she tries to log in that their advisor has removed their access.

To re-invite, a client deleted by accident read about inviting a client to the Client Portal.

Disabling Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is an advanced security feature for your clients' accounts that is designed to prevent anyone from accessing the information, even if they know your password. Each client has the option to enable two-step verification for an added layer of security in their client portal > Gear Icon > Security tab.

Sometimes a client will get a new cell phone and need you to disable their previous device and reconnect a new one. To accomplish this please visit the advisor portal > select the client from your list > choose client access tab on the right > select "Manage" next to their email > choose "disable two-step verification" from the dropdown menu. This will allow the client to reconnect two-step verification using their new phone. For questions on establishing two-step verification for the advisors OR client, please click here.

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