What integrating with FinFolio does for you

Integrating with FinFolio connects client accounts at FinFolio to RightCapital. RightCapital pulls in position-level account data from each account, and the positions and values will be updated nightly.

How to set up your FinFolio integration

To set up integration with FinFolio,

  1. Log in to RightCapital, click on 'Integrations', and select 'FinFolio'.
  2. Enter your site URL: ”https://[your_subdomain]” into the “API Endpoint” field
  3. To obtain the "API Token", log into FinFolio (must be logged in as Admin), click the drop-down arrow next to your username and click “Settings” to navigate to the Settings page:

 Click “Developers” to access the “Rest API” tab:

Click the eye icon next to your API key, and copy the key to your clipboard.  Paste that key in RightCapital on the Integrations page under "API Token"

How to use the FinFolio integration

Once the integration is set up, link client accounts

Log in to RightCapital
Click Open Client next to the client you’d like to integrate
Navigate to Profile > Net Worth (or the 4th step of the initial data entry workflow, if this is a new client)
Click +Link Account

Click Integration at the bottom of the screen and select "FinFolio".


This button only appears if an integration has already been established

Search for the client's household name from the integration database
Select accounts (using the check boxes in the “Link” column) to assign to the current client.

Click Save to create the connection for the accounts selected.   

Added accounts can be found under the Investment bar on the left of the screen. Account information will be updated daily.

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