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The goal of this article is to empower you to meet your financial planning objectives and review areas of opportunity associated with clients in RightCapital. RightIntel is a centralized business intelligence dashboard that consolidates client data into powerful visuals that help you deliver more value to each client.

The RightIntel advisor analytics dashboard is found in the top banner of the advisor portal to the to the right of the Clients tab. The top three widgets (Total number of clients, Total Invested assets, & Managed asset percentage) are static and cannot be removed or reordered. The remaining charts and tables can be removed, added or re-ordered through the drag and drop feature.

RightIntel is available at no additional charge to Premium and Platinum subscribers. Basic subscribers will not have access to the RightIntel tab in their advisor portal.


Accessible from the Advisor Portal, the RightIntel Dashboard allows Advisors to view key metrics about clients entered in RightCapital. Values will be updated each day, and the various charts can be re-arranged, removed, and re-added. The charts include:

Total number of clients

The total number of clients will list the amount of clients in all client groups within the Advisor Portal > Clients Tab > Client List. This amount includes sample clients.

Total invested assets

Total invested asset will add all manually added and linked accounts within clients' Net Worth, under the investment category. This amount includes sample clients. Values will be updated each day with the previous night's closing value.

Percentage of managed assets

This represents the percentage of managed invested assets within all financial plans. Invested assets can be marked as "managed" using the checkbox in the upper right corner of investment account data field found in the Net Worth of every financial plan. This amount includes sample clients.

Top clients by net worth

This list includes your client's with the highest total net worth. Client's net worth is detailed in step 4 of the data entry or found within the Profile > Net Worth area. Client account values will be updated each day with the previous night's closing value.

Total invested assets by account type

This pie chart illustrates the breakdown of taxable, tax deferred, and tax free assets within all clients under your subscription. Values will be updated each day with the previous night's closing value. This amount includes sample clients.

Total number of clients per group

This list will detail the number of clients found within each client group. Client groups can be created or adjusted within the Advisor Portal > Gear Icon > Client Settings > Client Groups tab. Click here for more information.

Top clients by cash balance

This list illustrates clients with the highest cash balances in their Net Worth. Cash Values are associated with bank accounts and invested assets with Cash holdings. Values will be updated each day with the previous night's closing value. This amount includes sample clients.

Client demographics - age

This chart will display the percentage of clients that are within each age demographic. The average age of all of your clients will be displayed in the center of the pie chart. Hover your mouse over different portions of the pie chart to see specific percentages for each age range.

Client demographics - employment

This chart will display the percentage of clients that are retired, vs. in pre-retirement. Hover your mouse over different portions of the pie chart to see specific percentages for pre-retirement and retired.

Adding, Removing, & Re-Ordering Data

The RightIntel Dashboard can be customized by adding, removing, and re-ordering widgets through the drag and drop feature. The top three widgets are static and cannot be added, removed, or re-organized. Additional widgets have an "x" that appears in the upper right corner that can be clicked to remove the data from RightIntel's Dashboard.

Once widgets have been removed, a green "add" button will appear on the upper right corner of the RightIntel dashboard. The new add button can be used to restore any removed data back into the business intelligence screen.

Pro Tip
You can exclude client groups from the RightIntel Dashboard (such as prospects or sample clients) by using the client groups feature in the Advisor Portal > Gear Icon > Client Settings > Client Groups sub-tab

Client Overview

The Client Overview section consolidates client data into sortable tables that help you deliver more value to each client.


The Client Overview tab includes a summary page for advisors to view key statistics for all of their clients in one place. This includes items such as the net worth, invested assets, number of outstanding tasks, date a report was last generated, and the client's last login.


The Insurance tab under the Client Overview section will display a summary of client Insurance accounts. We can see data such as: Client Age, Life Insurance death benefit amount and number of polices, LTC insurance benefit amount and number of polices, Disability insurance number of polices, and Property & Casualty Insurance number of polices. Advisors will be able to click on each type of policy to see additional details such as Policy owner, Policy type, Insured, and Premium information.

Track Activities

Each client who has access to a RightCapital financial plan will have their activity tracked and stored within the Advisor Portal > Activities tab. This provides you insight into major changes within their financial plan and allows you to monitor their progress towards their goals.

Pro Tip

You can view the Activities section and locate the particular client by pressing (control + F) for PC users or (command + F) for Mac to navigate directly to a particular client.

The Activities section will display your invited client's login activity, such as when they first logged in, when they've last logged in, and how many total times they've logged into their portal. It will also display activities they've performed within the last two weeks, such as if they've made changes to particular accounts.


The Opportunities section includes various tabs with client data that advisors can utilize to look for opportunities within their business. There are individual tabs for Cash, Assets held away, Debt, Insurance, and Key events. This section includes items such as a list of cash balances and any changes to cash balances, the # of accounts and $ value of accounts that are not managed by the advisor, a list of debts and their balances/interest rates, and key events such as term insurance expiration or upcoming retirement dates for all clients within RightCapital.

All opportunities sub-tabs have the ability to be exported to CSV.


The cash tab allows you to easily identify clients who have cash on hand to reinvest with you, or clients who would benefit from bolstering their cash savings. The cash tab will display the amount of money each client holds in cash and daily changes to those balances.

Assets Held Away

The Assets Held Away tab allows you to quickly see accounts your clients have invested elsewhere, providing you an opportunity to convert these assets to your management. The assets held away tab will display the total amount of investments the client holds outside of your management as well as their account type and balances.

You can indicate that an investment is actively managed by checking off the 'managed' box within the investment, located under the client's Profile > Net Worth tab.


The debt tab houses all client loan data, allowing you to quickly identify which clients could benefit from consolidation or a refinance. The debt tab will display all client loans, their balances as well as their interest rates.

Credit card debt will not be displayed in this tab.


The insurance tab will display active term and disability insurance policies across clients, including the expiration date, allowing you to step in to avoid a lapse in coverage. You can further sort the list by policies that will expire this year, or next.

Key Events

The key events tab will display key client events such as retirement age, Social Security filing age, Medicare filing age, RMD age, when they have reached age 59 1/2 (penalty-free withdrawals) or age 50 (contribution catch-up provision) as well as the month/calendar year in which they occur, allowing you to identify milestones and tailor your conversations accordingly.

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