Clients and Activities

Organize Clients and Track their Activities

The most valuable asset in your firm is the relationship you develop with your clients. RightCaptial provides you the tools to organize households by status and track client activity within their financial plan. These tools enhance your ability to prioritize client relationships and identify individuals who can benefit from additional outreach. Organizing households and tracking client activity furthers your position as a proactive, trustworthy, and reliable advisor. This, in turn, greatly increases client retention and bolsters your bottom line.

Client List

On the left side of the advisor portal, you will find the client list. This area provides insight into your full book of business within RightCapital. The client list allows you to search for individual client plans and view specific groups from the dropdown menu. Households will be listed in alphabetical order based on the client's last name.

This area provides the flexibility to list all client information or use a discrete, searchable list that will not immediately preview client details. To remove client names from the list, visit the Gear Icon > Account > Preferences tab and check off "Do not automatically list my clients on Advisor Portal > Clients Page". This will create a searchable list that can pull up households without exposing additional client details from your book of business.

Grouping Clients

Advisors can also classify client households into different groups. This allows you to segment your clients into different categories based on their status in your firm. You can see the list of clients in each group using the drop-down box on the Advisor Portal > clients page, under the green "Add new client" button.

By default, you will see two groups within your subscription, "Existing Clients" and "Prospects". New households added via the RightCapital Leads link will be added to the “Prospect Clients” group, and all other households will be added to the “Existing Clients” group. The Advisor Portal > Gear Icon > Account > Client Groups tab will allow you to add custom groups and adjust where new clients, and leads link clients, default into.

Changing a Client's Group

You can change the group to which a client is associated on the Personal Info tab, underneath the contact information. The personal info tab will appear on the right side of the advisor portal once you click on a client from the list.

Track Activities

Each client who has access to a RightCapital financial plan will have their activity tracked and stored within the Advisor Portal > Activities tab. This provides you insight into major changes within their financial plan and allows you to monitor their progress towards their goals.


You can view the Activities section and locate the particular client by pressing (control + F) for PC users or (command + F) for Mac to navigate directly to a particular client.

The Activities section will display your invited client's login activity, such as when they first logged in, when they've last logged in, and how many total times they've logged into their portal. It will also display activities they've performed within the last two weeks, such as if they've made changes to particular accounts.

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