Granting clients access to RightCapital tools

Continue to elevate your client experience by granting access for your clients to have a “financial home base” to see a holistic snapshot at any point, from any internet-connected device.

Customize client access to RightCapital by selecting their name in the client list and selecting the  Client Access  tab in the right panel. Don’t forget to  invite clients to create their RightCapital account!

For a brief overview of granting client access watch this short video.

Selecting the modules your client may access

After the initial data entry process is completed and a client has been invited to the Client Portal, they will have access to the Profile screens by default. This allows them to view their:

  • Net Worth
  • Income and Expenses
  • Goals
  • Savings
  • Family information

You can determine which individual screens you want clients to have access to by checking and/or unchecking the boxes next to those screens on the Client Access tab.


  • Checking a box next to a word in bold will automatically also select all the text under that section (Selecting “Tax” also selects “Tax Estimate” and “Distributions”).
  • Avoid overwhelming your clients: only grant access to the screens that are relevant to your client and which you want them to use.
  • Be sure to click on the green Save button at the bottom of the screen to save any changes.
  • Clients will always have access to the menu where they can access the Vault and change their email / password.
  • Clients signing up through the  RightCapital Leads link  will by default have access to the Profile and Dashboard screens.

Deciding how your client interacts with Action Items

Consider how you want your clients to interact with the Client Portal: Do you want them to develop their own plans and alternatives? Do you want them to use it as a 24/7 access to view “live reports” on performance? Do you want them to use it as a budgeting and planning tool for daily decisions?

Choose how clients interact with screens where there are Action Items, such as the Retirement / Analysis screen, at the bottom of the  Client Access tab:


  • Client cannot change any action items means the action items will be read-only.
  • Client can try different action items, but the changes will not be saved means clients will see the values revert back to your saved values the next time they log into the plan.
  • Client can try different action items, and the changes will be saved into the client account, means clients will see their changed values in their account, but you will continue to see the values you entered.

No matter what, in all three situations, clients can never override the information that you enter.

Tracking what your client has done

Grow Your Business

Client retention is key to long-term success, and RightCapital is committed to your growth! The Activities can indicate which clients are engaged throughout the year, as well as highlighting clients who may need an extra nudge or phone call to be sure they are on track with your advising and are retained as clients.

For tips and tricks, reach out to one of our Customer Success specialists!

Clients will always have access to their Profile information. You can see any changes they make to the Profile, as well as keep track of when they access the system, by clicking on  Activities in the advisor portal screen: