How to Customize the Client Portal

Differentiate Your Value Through Customization

Continue to elevate your client's experience by customizing access within the client portal. This allows you to deliver the information that matters most to each client, providing a personalized financial snapshot from any internet-connected device.

Customize client access to RightCapital by selecting the client's name from the Advisor Portal > Client list, then open the Planning Access  tab on the right.

For a brief overview of granting client access watch this short video.

Creating a tailor-made client portal

After the initial data entry process is completed and a client has been invited to the Client Portal, they can access the Profile (Data entry) screens and Vault, cloud storage tool, by default. This information only allows the client to view and edit the following details:

  • Net Worth
  • Income and Expenses
  • Goals
  • Savings
  • Family information
  • Vault cloud storage
  • Budgeting Categories
  • Security Settings

Consider how you want your clients to interact with the Client Portal: Do you want them to have access to the basic plan details and budgeting tool or would you like them to be able to run what-if scenarios? Whatever the desired goal is, RightCapital allows to you create a personalized experience in the Advisor Portal > Planning Access tab.

Pro-tip: You can drag and drop the various items to re-arrange the order they appear in the navigation menu. The new order of the modules will also display in your advisor view when you open the plan. This functionality can be used to update the landing page when you first open the plan.

Easily determine which additional planning modules you want clients to have access to by checking and/or unchecking the boxes next to names on the Planning Access tab. Clients signing up through the  RightCapital Leads link will, by default, have access to the Profile, Vault, and Dashboard screens.


  • Checking a box next to a word in bold will automatically select all the text under that section.
  • Be sure to click on the blue Save button at the bottom of the screen to save any changes to the client account.
  • Clients will always have access to the Gear Icon where they can change their budgeting categories and security settings.

Changing how clients interact with the Profile Items

When the profile area is enabled within "Sections your client can see", you have the option to prevent the client from updating the Profile information. The Profile information represents the six initial steps of data entry that create the current plan. On the Client Access page, you can set "How your client interacts with the profile items" toggle to “Client cannot change the profile information, information will be ready only.” When this setting is enabled clients can review data inputs but their ability to make changes to the data is removed.

When Profile Items are set to "read only":

  • Clients will not be able to add cards or edit cards in any of the six Profile screens (Family, Income, Savings, Net Worth, Expenses, Goals)
  • Clients will still be able to click on the cards to view the information associated with the input.
  • This applies to both the six steps of initial data entry as well as accessing the Profile menu once the financial plan is complete
  • For advisors using account aggregation, clients can still use the ‘Link Account’ button in the Net Worth area, and clients will still be able to update credentials for any existing aggregation connections

Changing how clients interact with Action Items

Choose how clients interact with planning modules where there are Action Items, at the bottom of the Client Access tab. Action items allow adjustments within specific planning modules like the Retirement > Analysis module.


  • Client cannot change any action items means the action items will be read-only, except for the budgeting tool. This setting will not stop clients from editing their data entry. To remove the client's ability to adjust the data entry within a financial plan, uncheck the Profile box in client access tab.
  • Client can try different action items, but the changes will not be saved means clients can adjust the action items but they will see values revert back to the advisor's saved values the next time they log in.
  • Client can try different action items, and the changes will be saved into the client account, means clients can adjust and save action items within the client portal, but the advisor will continue to see the original values entered.

No matter what, in all three situations, clients can never override the information that you enter on the advisor's access.

Customize the invitation email

Apply your own verbiage and tone within client invitation emails by adjusting the templates found in each advisor's login. In the Advisor Portal > Gear Icon > Account > Customization screen you will find two invitation email templates to adjust for two different types of clients:

  • The first email is sent to clients for whom you have already completed the six-step data entry process by clicking Complete on step 6.
  • The second email is sent to clients still in the six-step data entry process.

Below is an example of what the default invitation email looks like when it is sent to a client.

Sample engagement flow

Below is a visualization of how some advisors have rolled out RightCapital to their clients. Use what makes sense to you and your clients—again, you know them best. ( click here for a full-sized image)

<img src="/assets/cloud_file-eUwQeG9yX8.png" style={{width: "525px", display:

Sample emails

Copywriting (the art of persuasive written words) takes a lot of time to get just right. A well-crafted message can create clarity and inspire change.

Since we don’t have unlimited time to perfectly craft a message, below are a few samples that you can use. Be sure to personalize and customize them for your brand and clients! If you plan on sending two or more emails, we’ve created an Introductory email designed to explain what their portal is for and a Welcome email that focuses on the link to get started.

Pro tip: you can email a link to the client portal to your client straight from RightCapital. Another way to email the client link is to copy their unique link from RightCapital and email or text it to your client from your system. To learn more, read  Inviting a client to create their account and  Customizing invitation email.

Introductory email – example 1

Hi Tim,

It’s 2021 and a lot of financial systems are still siloed off from one another. Tying together a financial plan, budget, portfolio, debt planning, and forecasting college savings needs can be a headache. For many, that creates a risk of decisions being made in isolation—or a lot of extra time in Excel and with a calculator.

I’ve recently started using a financial planning software called RightCapital. I think you’ll like it. Not only does it link up all your accounts for budgeting and tracking your portfolio, but it also helps us track your overall goals. With RightCapital, we can make holistic decisions in light of your full plan. We can analyze the tradeoffs of paying down debt sooner, putting that money in the stock market, changing retirement goals, or saving for the future (vacation, major purchase, etc.).

I’ll follow up with another email soon but wanted to give you a heads up on the changes. Feel free to reply with any questions or if you want to get started right now.


[your name]

Introductory email – example 2

Hi Jackie,

We’ve had a number of conversations around “continual improvement” here at our practice, and I wanted to share something we’ve been working on in light of that. I’ve recently adopted RightCapital, which gives me the tools to do financial planning just right.

You’ve asked about accessing items we discuss in our meetings, so instead of emailing those to you, I thought it’d be better to give you full access. It’s a natural next step on the road to continual improvement, and you get all the benefits!

I’ll send you a link to create an account with a software called RightCapital. It’s the financial planning software we use here at the office. It’s been helpful to ensure we’re looking at the same thing instead of trying to describe it over the phone. It’ll also mean you can pull it up on your computer or download the app to take a look any time you want. You’ll see what I see (but don’t worry, you can’t “break” anything).

Let me know what you think. I’d love your feedback.

Welcome email – example

Hi Tim,

Here’s your link to your RightCapital account. This is the system that enables us to link up all your bank accounts, create your financial plan, and track it over time.


You’ll need to create a password. Be sure to create one that’s secure. Once in, the system will walk you through linking accounts and inputting data. The neat part is you can stop anytime and pick it up later in case you need to leave and come back—no need to fill it out all at once!


[your name]

Troubleshooting invitation questions

Every email sent by RightCapital is digitally signed as legitimate business correspondence. This special signature is recognized by all major email service providers, including Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud,, and AOL.

However, there are still situations where the invitation email ends up being miscategorized as spam. Please remind your client to check their spam folder if the invitation email didn’t appear in the inbox.

  • If your client missed or accidentally deleted the invitation email, you can send a new one by clicking the  Resend  button on the Advisor Portal > Client Access Tab, to the right of the client's email.

  • If your client has problems accessing his or her emails, you can also share the direct signup link  with your client. The link can be found below your client’s email address in the  Advisor Portal > Client Access  tab. You can also copy the Direct signup link and email it to clients at any point.

Note - if you share the Direct signup link with clients, they will receive an email asking them to verify their account.

Branding the experience

The logo and color theme that is applied to your advisor portal will also transfer directly into the client portal and mobile application. This creates consistency across your platforms and reinforces RightCapital as a trusted extension of your planning services. For more information on how to apply your logo and color theme to RightCapital, please click here.

Branded client login

Once clients have created their username and password, they can log into their portal through your branded login page. This allows clients to navigate to your website, log in to your branding financial planning platform, and experience a consistent brand message through the entire process.

Embed a link to the branded login page directly on your website, this will continue to reinforce their relationship with you.

Don’t have a branded log-in page yet?

Set it up today by navigating to  Gear Icon > Account > Customization tab, Click here for more information.

Clients can also log in at to bypass the branded login page.

Client access mode

When inviting clients to access their portal, you have the option to view the custom interface that you've created for each user. The client access mode allows you to see visualize the client portal based on the sections that the client can see. This can be used to present financial plans during in-person meetings or to gain a better understanding of what the client has access to in their customized portal. To learn more about customizing the client portal Click Here.

To view the "Client Access Mode" visit the Advisor Portal > Select the client > click Client Access Tab > choose "Client Access Mode from the "Open Client" dropdown menu.

Tracking activity

Use the Advisor Portal > Activities tab to see any changes clients make to the Profile, as well as keep track of when they access the system. For more information on the activities tab, click here.

Grow Your Business

Client retention is key to long-term success, and RightCapital is committed to your growth! The Activities can indicate which clients are engaged throughout the year, as well as highlighting clients who may need an extra nudge or phone call to be sure they are on track with your advising and are retained as clients.

Advisor portal settings

In the Advisor Portal > Account> Preferences tab, you have the ability to adjust whether clients can add or adjust financial planning tasks. This includes assigning tasks to you as their advisors. If you want clients to create or edit tasks, mark the box before granting access.

Best Practices

  • Educate clients on the Client Portal benefits

    Clients will enjoy the benefits of a streamlined financial portal and only need some education to use it effectively. Below you will find a variety of best practices to help build enthusiasm and knowledge around the client's financial portal.

  • Early wins

    Early wins matter when it comes to building a client relationship. An early win demonstrates what you provide and gives the client reassurance to move forward.  After giving your client or prospect a proposal, following up with the client portal helps them to see the ongoing value you provide—it’s not a one-time event! Instead provide long-term, ongoing service.

Early wins may include:

  • Link one or two bank accounts (or investment accounts) to generate a probability number and net worth over time. This will make them hungry to link all accounts to get a more accurate picture of their probability and net worth.
  • Generate tasks for them (e.g., “Complete intake form”) to visualize progress. This also establishes the client portal as a needed communication tool.
  • Send them a text after a meeting asking a question that can be answered on the client portal (e.g. “I just updated the proposal we mocked up over lunch; now it could provide up to $500,000 more in retirement! Have you seen the changes in the client portal?”)
  • Build a budget based on cash flows in RightCapital, and encourage your clients to use their client portal to track their budget spending.
  • Start small

    Work to get just a few clients set up on the client portal in the first month, or add yourself as a client to become comfortable with the process. This enables two things:

    • This does not require significant work on your behalf
    • It allows you to quickly iterate on improving messaging, setup, and rollout
  • Needs-based

    Some of your clients use all of your services and some only a portion. The same is true with the client portal: you don’t need clients to use 100% of their portal, just the features that provide the most value to them. You may find that more of your clients will be much happier, more engaged with you, and have higher retention because you are providing value based on their needs. Click here to learn more about customizing the client portal.

Pro Tip: When offering subscription-based financial planning, successful advisors provide different subscription options based on tiered access to RightCapital planning modules.

For Example:

  • Gold clients have access to their balance sheet, asset allocation, vault, and tasks.
  • Platinum clients pay more monthly but get additional access to the budgeting tool, debt analysis, retirement analysis, and cash flow reports.
  • Client retention

    The client portal is a sticky engagement tool for you, the advisor. Once people are on your portal it’s less likely for them to leave—they love having transparent access to all the elements in their financial planning analysis. They’re used to it. It becomes normative.

    When prospects want to know what it’s going to be like as a client, use the client portal as a visual tool to show them what they will have as your client. Of course, you’ll need some financial info for that visual to be most effective, so you can also capture prospect account information early in the process! You’re much more likely to win them over. Use the client portal as a closing tool!

RightCapital is committed to enabling your success. Each week, we set aside time to cover important updates and host a Q&A with the product team, giving you a direct line of access to the experts behind the curtain. Visit the Upcoming and Most Recent Webinars area to register today!

Also, be sure to check out the Getting started guide and our YouTube channel for more!

For additional assistance customizing your client's portal please contact Support.