Creating Plans & Data Entry

In this article, we provide you with a detailed overview of how to create plans and walk through the data entry process.


Initial Data Entry Process

RightCapital includes an intuitive step-by-step data entry process. By default, it consists of six steps in the following order:

Please reference the links above for more detailed information. If you'd like to add, remove, or reorder initial data entry steps, please see our article on Client Onboarding Customization.

Streamline the Data Entry Process

Check out our Data Collection Template. This customizable document is available for printout to assist with onboarding a client into RightCapital.


Review Client Settings

You can visit the links below to explore customizing your settings globally or on a client-by-client basis.


Visualize the Client Plan Using the Blueprint Module

Blueprint is an interactive tool under the Profile tab that organizes the client’s data and presents it in various visual layouts. There are three components to the Blueprint that represent the Net Worth, Goals, and Income, Savings, Expenses.

You can quickly view the details that make up each section and use these simple visuals to help your client understand the foundation of their financial plan. Identify any changes and add, edit, or delete inputs directly from the Blueprint.

The Blueprint feature can be shared with clients, or you can present the results as part of the PDF report. For more information on the Blueprint, please click here.


Explore RightCapital

Utilize our Retirement Analysis module to model out additional proposed scenarios

Explore our Insurance needs analysis

Illustrate options for funding Education

Optimize our Tax Distribution and Conversion tool

Track important Estate planning objectives

Please reference our Creating your First Plan Webinar for a detailed overview of creating a financial plan in RightCapital.

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