A one-stop guide to a stellar client experience

Where Excellence Starts

Excellence starts well before the client meeting. As with most things in life, the pre-work is often as important as the presentation. Spend a few minutes to get your clients set up consistently and in line with your advising philosophy and workflow.


During your first 60 days with RightCapital take advantage of our dedicated team of Implementation Specialists who can help set you up for success. Reach out to us to set up one-on-one sessions.

This detailed walkthrough is designed to launch you from "just started" to "successful" in 15 minutes and follows along with this article nicely (you can listen and read at the same time):

Setting up your clients in RightCapital

These videos cover the essentials for creating and setting up the financial profiles of your clients.

Don't forget to peruse other articles here on the Help Center to make setting up clients a breeze!

Inviting clients to their portal

Creating clients who are highly engaged with our Portal has demonstrated higher rates of client retention. To effectively engage your clients, having a clear strategy is most efficient. To that end, we've created a simple and clear checklist to help you prepare to invite your clients to the Client Portal. Print off your checklist here:

CHECKLIST: Client Portal Launch

In addition, these step-by-step guides will help you make sure your clients fully engage your outreach efforts and that the client experience is suitable to specific needs:

Best practices

These best practices will set you up for effective rollouts to your clients.

Client-facing material

Share these resources with your clients. Use these to help set expectations and provide a nice introduction to the portal.

How to...

These short video guides will help you, the advisor, turn potent client-facing features into core benefits for your clients.

In Closing

Now that you've gotten clients set up, invited them to the portal, held a few highly-effective meetings, and provided the resources to your clients to ensure their ongoing engagement, you've effectively set up a stellar client experience! From now on, these clients of yours will be fully equipped to stay up to speed on their finances as you navigate their assets towards an abundant future.