How to Virtually Onboard Clients

Increase Efficiency Through Virtual Onboarding

As clients become increasingly comfortable leveraging technology to save time and manage relationships, you can too! Use this article as step by step guide to virtually onboard new clients and prospects, allowing you to do more financial planning in less time.

Virtual Onboarding Process

When a prospect reaches out to discuss financial planning, the logical first step is to research their specific situation. This typically involves a data collection template or interview-style discussion. Instead of using your valuable time to transfer data from the client into RightCapital, why not let the clients do it for you? RightCapital's virtual onboarding process is a perfect balance of simplicity and innovation, which walks the client through the six initial steps of data entry to create their financial plan. As their advisor you will be email notified when the plan is ready to evaluate.

In order to effectively engage your clients, having a clear strategy is very important. To that end, we've created a simple and easy-to-follow checklist to help you prepare for virtually onboarding clients. View or print off your checklist with the following link:

CHECKLIST: Client Portal Launch

Follow these instructions to virtually onboard any client who is not established in RightCapital.


Navigate to your Advisor Portal and select Add New Client above the client list list.


Enter the client's name and email, then select Invite Client to Input Information

Pro Tip:

Some advisors choose to partially fill out the data entry for clients before sending the invitation. This may include leveraging an integration or an existing report. When using this approach, click "Input Clients Information Now" to begin the data entry process, then invite the client to fill in the gaps and link additional accounts using the client access tab.

RightCapital will automatically send the client an email inviting them to create their account. The email will have a link to input all six steps of data entry, creating a financial plan under your login. Once the financial plan is complete, you will be email notified that a new plan is ready to view.
At this point your can decide if you'd like to grant the client access to their portal and mobile application. If so, please use this link to learn about creating a customized client portal experience.

Leads URL:

Use the RightCapital Leads URL to virtually onboard prospects who visit your website, social media, and receive your marketing emails! Once they click the leads link, prospects can complete the data entry process and you will be notified via email.

By default clients who are created through the Leads URL will be added within the prospect client group. For more information on client groups click here.

Client Facing Resources

Occasionally clients reach out with questions during the virtual onboarding process. RightCapital has designed tailor-made resources that can be sent directly to clients or included within your invitation emails. the following resources are designed to help you assist them with minimal effort.

Click here for our full list of client-facing resources that address data security, linking accounts, and instructions for filling out the data entry.

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Also, be sure to check out the Getting started guide and our YouTube channel for more!

For additional assistance virtually onboarding your client's portal please contact Support.