Reports in RightCapital

Many clients love the feeling of warm paper in their hands, and crafting high quality reports can be time consuming. RightCapital has you covered, with easy-to-produce reports that are high quality and easy to print on demand. 

How to Print Reports

To print a report, navigate to the Client, and select > Report.

  1. Select the elements of the report to include.
    (Clicking a bolded word will automatically select all the sub-sections; selecting an item that is unbolded will only include that one item in addition to anything else selected.)
  2. Scroll down and select Download selected pages.
    This will generate a .pdf which can be printed out using your standard .pdf software.

To preview the report, simply scroll down below the download button and the pages you've selected will be visible.


With the high degree of customization available in RightCapital, only print what your client wants to see. Too much information can sometimes interfere with clear communication.

How to Customize Reports

Changing your name and firm name

To change how your name and firm name are displayed on Reports, navigate to  Advisor Portal >  > Account. Enter your name, suffix, and professional certifications on the Profile tab.

In the example above, the name will be shown as John A Smith Jr., CFP®, and the firm name as Awesome Financial Planning LLC.

These names will be used for:

  • Email communications with your clients, including client portal invitations and task reminders.
  • PDF reports.
The title is not currently shown in either the report or email signature.

Customizing the disclosure section of reports

To add a custom disclosure to reports, navigate to Advisor Portal > Account

The Disclosure section is located just below the Address section and just above the RightCapital Leads section. The writing area will expand automatically as you type.

A text toolbar will appear when any words or paragraphs are selected. Style the selected text as bold or italic, or create bullet points and adjust indents. The disclosure will be added to the final page of all reports.

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