Creating Plans & Data Entry

Here you will find how to add a client, input client data, and adjust client settings. Let’s jump in.


Add clients

RightCapital includes an intuitive step-by-step data entry process. The six steps are demonstrated in the video below. The steps are as follows:

By clicking on a step listed above, another tab will open with more detailed information regarding that step. Some advisors also find that using our Data Collection Template helps, particularly for clients who enjoy the warm feeling of paper in their hands.

Modify, add, and remove items from the client’s profile after the client has been created.


Add other assets to a client’s profile

A client’s life — and therefore their assets — seem to be constantly changing and fluxing with the times. RightCapital is a comprehensive financial planning tool which enables you to capture and reflect most financial categories in a client’s life. You can add many types of assets into a client’s profile:


Adjust client settings

Set up RightCapital to reflect your advising values and philosophy.


Create and use multiple scenarios

Clients want to see options. Now that you’ve created one plan for a client RightCapital allows you to create several plans to compare side-by-side: see how to create and use Multiple Scenarios in RightCapital.

There you have it! Now you know how to create an initial plan and how to create multiple plan scenarios in RightCapital! As always, please reach out to our Support Team with any questions - we love to hear from you!