Getting started

Welcome to RightCapital!

Let’s take just a couple minutes and be sure you’re all set up and on your way to your first successful client meeting with RightCapital.

The path to success

We have found our top advisors do four items early on in their RightCapital experience:

  • Add clients (including themselves)
  • Familiarize themselves with the RightCapital experience
  • Integrate their RightCapital account with other financial platforms they use
  • Invite clients to the Client Portal

Print off our handy Implementation Checklist to quickly become a RightCapital power user!


Your first client in RightCapital

To add a client (we suggest you add yourself first), navigate to Advisor Portal > Clients > Add a New Client.

Selecting Input Client’s Information Now will launch the intuitive data entry wizard, consisting of six steps. Click Here to get started, and follow the links at the bottom of each article to move to the next step.

Selecting Invite Client to Input Information will send an automated email to your client, allowing them to walk through the six step entry to add their information to RightCapital.



To make the process of adding clients even simpler, connect your other financial planning tools to RightCapital. Find your integration platforms and connect accounts.


Craft quality branding

First impressions are everything. Ensure your clients have a stellar user experience. Start by uploading your logo, colors, and customization options (this feature not accessible on trial accounts). When it comes to client-facing material, consistent and clear branding is vital.

Be sure to set your firm name and your disclosures to wrap up a complete brand identity on RightCapital.


Dial in your settings

RightCapital is a powerful financial planning platform that allows you to tailor each setting to your advising philosophy.

  1. System-wide (global) Client Settings : be sure your market assumptions, cash flow preferences, etc., are all set according to how you’ve been advising already.
  2. Client-Specific Settings : as needed, adjust each client based on their unique preferences or needs.
  3. Your account : add two-factor authentication, update your billing information, change your login email address, etc.

15 Minutes now saves hours later

A significantand often overlookedcomponent of adopting new software is curiosity. Kids have a fantastic ability to unceasingly ask questions (sometimes we wish they would take a break). Curiosity helps us adopt a new perspective, ask better questions, and provide better service for our clients.

So add a client in RightCapital. See how it looks and feels. Ask questions — contact Support — to gain a deeper, richer understanding of the platform. Be sure to see how RightCapital can make a difference in your practice as it does for thousands of others.


Explore our resources

We are committed to your success, so we are constantly producing high quality content to give you more insight into using RightCapital to grow your business and to highlight industry trends. We also have lots of client-facing resources; in fact, we have enough free content for you to build your own marketing kit!


Create a stellar client experience

Increase your practice efficiency, reduce the number of client calls, and empower your clients through your Client Portal.  Many of your clients want to be in the driver’s seat for their finances. Others want access to take a peek at their balances. Still others occasionally want to check in on their plan. As their advisor, maximize the value you provide to them through your branded portal. Join Jeff as he guides you through the basics and best practices for presenting RightCapital to your clients (VIDEO).


Your first 60 days: what to expect

Alright, we’re on the last stop for this guide but we’re just getting started with this partnership. So far you’ve laid a great foundation (no potholes!) and have had some early successes. Your clients have expectations of you, and you rightly have expectations of RightCapital. So here are a few. In the first 60 days you should:

Write down your specific, measurable goals

Write down your goals so you can track them. If your goal is to grow your practice, great. If it’s creating a full, comprehensive plan for a few clients, terrific. But be sure to write them down so you don’t lose sight and forget to pursue them: 

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take" - Wayne Gretzky

For instance, how many plans do you want set up in RightCapital in the first sixty days? There are tons of educational resources, how would you like to learn (articles, videos, webinars, RightCapital Academy, etc.)?

Ask yourself the question, "how does RightCapital help me get there?"

For instance, are you looking to grow your practice? If so, the Marketing knowledge base section can help. Alternatively, maybe you want to elevate your client experience and adopt the Client Portal.

Evaluate your success

After 60 days, take stock to make sure you achieved success. Touch base with our team to further your education, no matter the outcome. We love sharing hidden gems, top tricks, and new features to be a force multiplier to your success.