How to use Balance sheet

The balance sheet area demonstrates the client's assets, liabilities and net worth with warm visuals that clearly convey information to clients.

For a brief overview of the dashboard area watch this short video.

There are three tabs in the Balance Sheet: Current, Details, and Historical.


The Balance Sheet displays the client's net worth as of today in the Current tab, broken down by Assets, Liabilities, and total net worth. You can mouse over the Assets and Liabilities bars to see the specific value.

Clicking "Details" below the bar graph will display a summary of asset and liability types which together represent the data in the bar graph.


The Details tab reflects a list of all items that are factored into the client's net worth by owner, broken out as follows:

Cash: Reflects all bank accounts (listed under 'Bank' on the Profile > Net Worth screen)

Invested Assets: Reflects all investment accounts (listed under 'Investment' on the Profile > Net Worth screen)

Other Assets: Reflects properties, stock plans, and anything listed as an 'Other' asset

Liabilities: Reflects all credit cards and loans.

Note: the 'Trust' column will reflect irrevocable trust investment accounts set up with 'Trust' as the owner.


Prior values are displayed in the Historical tab.

Use the right-hand drop-down box to select the time period you wish to reflect:

  • 'Last 30 days' will show daily values from the prior 30 days
  • 'Last 6 months', 'Last 12 months', and 'All time' will show month-end values over the respective time periods, as well as the current value
  • 'All time' reflects values dating back to January 31, 2018

The chart timing defaults to the last 12 months; you can adjust the default for new clients in the advisor portal under <gear> > Account > Client Presets.

You can use the left-hand drop-down box to view charts showing total Net Worth, all Assets, all Liabilities, or Investment assets only: