How to Create Reports

Many clients love the feeling of warm paper in their hands, and crafting high-quality reports can be time-consuming. RightCapital has you covered, with easy-to-produce reports that are high quality and easy to print on demand.

How to Print a Report

Open the client and click on the "More" menu (represented by the ... ellipsis) and select "Report"

  1. Select the elements of the report to include.\ (Clicking a bolded word will automatically select all the sub-sections; selecting an item that is unbolded will only include that one item in addition to anything else selected.)
  2. Scroll down and select Download selected pages.\ This will generate a .pdf which can be printed out using your standard .pdf software.


With the high degree of customization available in RightCapital, only print what your client wants to see. Too much information can sometimes interfere with clear communication.

How to Adjust Cover Page & Disclosure

Changing your name and firm name

To change how your name and firm name are displayed on Reports, navigate to  Advisor Portal > > Account. Enter your name, suffix, and professional certifications on the Profile tab.

In the example above, the name will be shown as John A Smith Jr., CFP®, and the firm name as Awesome Financial Planning LLC.

These names will be used for:

  • Email communications with your clients, including client portal invitations and task reminders.
  • PDF reports.
The title is not currently shown in either the report or email signature.

Customizing the disclosure section of reports

To add a custom disclosure to reports, navigate to Advisor Portal > Account > Profile Tab. The report disclosure page will be listed at the bottom of the profile tab, above the RightCapital Leads URL. The report disclosure field will automatically expand to fit additional text. Advisors with the team sharing feature will have the option to "Use a firm setting" or "Use my own".

Changing your logo, color theme, and cover page design

To access these customization settings, navigate to Advisor Portal > > Account > Customization



Install your logo(s)

Most advisors simply upload one logo in the Positive Logo field. This will display your logo across the RightCapital experience including the report cover page. For more detail on when to use two logo types, click here.

Logo sizing

The best ratio is 5:1 (width:height) and the best dimensions are 400px by 80px.


  • A panoramic/rectangular logo (versus a square logo) looks best and appears larger on Reports and on the screen.
  • Users are recommended to minimize any blank space showing around the logo. The system will automatically fit the logo to the available space, so any blank space around the logo will cause the logo to appear smaller than desired.

To upload a logo, hover your cursor over the logo space and click the “cloud” icon. A dialogue box will appear, allowing you to upload the appropriate logo type. To upload:

  • Drag-and-drop a file into the box displayed,
  • Click Pick files from your computer, or
  • Select an icon on the left to upload directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, or Box.

Change the PDF cover page design colors

Elevate your client experience by changing the PDF report cover page design colors to match your firm’s colors. To access these customization settings, navigate to Advisor Portal > > Account > Customization. The customized color theme will automatically transfer into RightCapital software and the PDF report cover page design.

Color Selector

  • Click # to the left of the RGB code to select the preferred color from a color palette (works in modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox).
  • Alternatively, enter a specific RGB color code into the box provided. To find the RGB color codes for a particular color you can reference this external site .

Removing design from PDF report cover page

To remove the cover page design from PDF report, use the "Colors on PDF report cover page" dropdown menu to the right of primary and secondary color selection. You can then choose "Do not use colors" which will remove the cover page design from the PDF report.

For more information on branding RightCapital software click this link.

How to Customize Reports

When creating a report you have the ability to re-order pages & planning modules to provide tailor-made presentations for each client. To customize the PDF output, open the client and click on the "More" menu (represented by the [...] ellipsis) and select "Report". Within the report area, drag and drop the order of sections as well as the modules within each section to customize the PDF that will be downloaded to your computer.

If you plan on including additional documents, from outside RightCapital, within the report, turn off the page numbers using the checkbox at the bottom of the page.

How to Create Report Templates

Utilizing report templates is a great way to create efficiency and consistency in your financial planning output. Report templates can be saved within each client's plan by using the "Save new template screen" at the bottom of the report page. Once a template is saved, it can be accessed when generating reports for any client plan. The report template dropdown menu found at the top of the Report tab is only visible after a template has been saved into the software.

To create a new template you will first customized the report by checking specific boxes associated with the modules that you'd like attached. Additionally, use the drag and drop feature to change the order of selections and the planning modules within. Once the report template is ready, click "Save new template screen" at the bottom of the report page.

After clicking "Save new template", you will be asked to provide a template name so it can be easily accessed at a later time.

Modifying Report Templates

After being saved, report templates can be modified within the Advisor Portal > Gear Icon > Account > Report Template Tab.

In this area, you will find a dropdown menu to select specific templates and make any modifications needed. This includes changing the report name, order of pages, and modules selected. Click the green save button at the bottom of the screen to lock in changes made to each template. Once saved, the report templates will be available within each client's financial plan under the more icon [...] > Reports tab > Report template dropdown menu.

This area can also be used to create new report templates globally for use in all financial plans.

For additional information regarding report generation in RightCapital, please contact the Advisor Support Team.