Positive and negative logo

To learn more about the Positive and Negative Logo use, read on.

The positive logo is meant for light backgrounds, while the negative logo is meant for dark backgrounds.

Most advisors only upload one logo. Typically, it is a file with a transparent background and is uploaded to the Positive Logo space. This is versatile and can easily serve all your needs.

Logo sizing

The best ratio is 5:1 (width:height) and the best dimensions are 400px by 80px.


  • A panoramic/rectangular logo (versus a square logo) looks best and appears larger on Reports and on the screen.
  • Users are recommended to minimize any blank space showing around the logo. The system will automatically fit the logo to the available space, so any blank space around the logo will cause the logo to appear smaller than desired.

The minutia:

The Positive Logo uploads your logo with a background color – either specified in the file type that you upload, or filled in with white if the file has a transparent background. The Positive Logo is best used for Reports and can be used as your only logo type very easily.

Negative Logo uploads your logo with a transparent background. If you do not have a transparent version of your logo, your logo designer may be able to provide one. The Negative Logo is used in-product and in emails. It replaces the RightCapital logo in the top-left corner of the product experience.


If you only upload one version of your logo, it will be used in reports, in emails, and in-product.

If your logo uses lots of white, or is designed to be displayed against a background of some color other than white, you may see better results on printed reports if you upload two versions of your logo. Upload one version to the Negative Logo that has a transparent background and set your color scheme to the correct colors; this will display your logo in-product correctly. Secondly, upload a logo to the Positive Logo that contains a colored background; this will be used for your printed reports (often on white paper) and will print your logo with your colored background.