Brand RightCapital your way

The most valuable asset in your firm is the relationship you develop with your clients. Deploying a consistent brand experience to your clients furthers your position as a recognized, trustworthy, and reliable advisor. This, in turn, greatly increases client retention and bolsters your bottom line.

RightCapital comes fully equipped with customization options to brand our product with your firm’s identity. In this article, you will learn how to brand your account so your clients see your logo and colors consistently throughout the product and on your custom log-in page. Additionally, this article will outline how to modify the invitation email.

To access these customization settings, navigate to Advisor Portal > > Account > Customization



Install your Logo(s)

Most advisors simply upload one logo in the Positive Logo field.This will display your logo across the RightCapital experience. For more detail on when to use two logo types, click here.

Logo sizing

The best ratio is 5:1 (width:height) and the best dimensions are 400px by 80px.


  • A panoramic/rectangular logo (versus a square logo) looks best and appears larger on Reports and on the screen.
  • Users are recommended to minimize any blank space showing around the logo. The system will automatically fit the logo to the available space, so any blank space around the logo will cause the logo to appear smaller than desired.

To upload a logo, hover your cursor over the logo space and click the “cloud” icon. A dialogue box will appear, allowing you to upload the appropriate logo type. To upload:

  • Drag-and-drop a file into the box displayed,
  • Click Pick files from your computer, or
  • Select an icon on the left to upload directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, or Box.

In the Negative Logo box, a preview will display showing how your logo will appear with the selected color scheme. Below the color scheme section,there is a Preview of how the logo will look on the report / screens. You can upload different versions if desired.


  • For best results, use a transparent .png file. If you don't have a transparent .png file, your logo designer may be able to provide one for you.
  • Make sure that your logo file is cropped to only include the logo, without a large margin above and below the logo. The system will automatically fit your logo file to the available space, so any blank space above or below the logo will cause the logo to show up skewed (or "squished").

Where your logo will be shown

  1. Your branded login page. You can link to the URL from your website or send it to clients

  1. When you or your client log in to RightCapital. (The logo replaces the RightCapital logo in the top left corner. The same logo appears for all pages under the advisor portal and client portal.)
  2. On your RightCapital Leads link
  3. On the cover page of the Reports
  4. In the emails sent to your clients through RightCapital.

Change the Menu Bars to your Colors

Elevate your client experience by changing the menu ribbon colors to match your firm’s colors. The customized color theme will automatically transfer into RightCapital software and the PDF report cover page design.

Pro Tip

To remove the cover page design from PDF report, use the "Colors on PDF report cover page" dropdown menu to the right of primary and secondary color selection and select "Do not include colors".

A Preview of your colors will show just below the box to change colors, as well as in the Negative Logo space (to see your logo against your colors). Changes will be previewed but will not applied until you click Save.

Reset will revert to the default theme colors.

Color Selector

  • Click # to the left of the RGB code to select the preferred color from a color palette (works in modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox).
  • Alternatively, enter a specific RGB color code into the box provided. To find the RGB color codes for a particular color you can reference this external site .

Where your colors will be displayed

The primary color will be visible in:

  1. The top menu bar in the client portal ,
  2. Your branded log in and RightCapital leads links , and
  3. The header of all emails sent to your clients.
  4. The cover page of PDF report (when selected).

The secondary color chosen will be used for:

  1. The second-level navigation bar in the advisor and client portals
  2. Unselected tabs
  3. The cover page of PDF report (when selected).


The Advisor Portal top menu bar color is auto-generated; we do not currently offer the ability to independently change that color. The Advisor color is only shown within the Advisor Portal screen and is not visible to clients.

Create a Branded Login Page

Now that you’ve gotten this far, why not take this whole beautiful package right into your website? Let your clients navigate to your website, log in to your branding financial planning platform, and remain your client for a long,long time to come!

Embed a link to the branded log in page directly on your website-this will continue to reinforce their relationship with you.


The branded login page works for existing clients. To generate new clients (new leads) through your website, use RightCapital Leads

Your Branded Login URL is displayed just under the Negative Logo box.

Embed this link on your website and/or send it to clients via email. If a client has yet to create their account, invite them to do so.

The branded log in page looks similar to this, with your logo in the upper left and your colors in the ribbons:

Customize the Invitation Email

Put the finishing touches on your stellar brand experience. In the Advisor Portal > Gear Icon > Account > Customization screen, personalize the invitation emails that are sent to your clients.

At the bottom of the screen just under Preview, there are several fields containing email content that are editable.

Set up separate email content for two different types of clients:

  • The first email is sent to clients for whom you have already completed the six-step data entry process by clicking Complete on step 6.
  • The second email is sent to clients still in the six-step data entry process.

The updates made will be reflected in the email sent to clients as illustrated below:

That’s it!

Now you’ve got a stellar and cohesive brand experience for your clients to instantly relate to your fantastic advising as they build a financial plan that is successful for them throughout their lives.

RightCapital is committed to enabling your success. Each week, we set aside time to cover important updates and host a Q&A with the product team, giving you a direct line of access to the experts behind the curtain. Visit the Upcoming and Most Recent Webinars area to register today!

Also, be sure to check out the Getting started guide and our YouTube channel for more!

For additional assistance branding RightCapital please contact Support.