Account & Security

Please use the following articles to adjust your advisor or assistant account settings.

Craft Quality Branding

First impressions are everything. Ensure your clients have a stellar user experience. Start by uploading your logo, colors, and customization options (this feature is not accessible on trial accounts). When it comes to client-facing material, consistent and clear branding is vital.

Password Reset

Click the following link to learn about updating password information, resetting a forgotten password, and other general requirements:

Assistant Access

Click the following link to explore RightCapital through an "Assistant" login. This article describes how to access the advisor's client list and explains what assistants can and can't do.

Changing an Email Address

Click the following link to learn how to change the email address associated with your account at any time.

Security & Compliance

RightCapital uses various practices, policies, and technology to ensure client data is locked down. Use the following articles to learn about the physical security, ongoing audits, backups, and bank-level encryption used to protect your client's data. For client-facing security information, click here.

  • Data Security: Click this link to learn about safeguards for data in transit, data at rest, two-step verification, and backups.
  • Two-factor authentication: Click this link to explore protecting sensitive financial data with advanced two-step verification security.
  • Security Assessments and Compliance: Click this link to learn about physical security and PCI compliance.
  • Network Security: Click this link for information regarding firewalls, DDOS mitigation, spoofing and sniffing protections, and port scanning
  • Email verification: Click this link to learn more about email verification for you and your clients.
  • Environmental Safeguards: Click this link to understand how RightCapital handles disaster recovery, data center management, and more.

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For additional assistance adjusting your account settings, please get in touch with RightCapital Support.