Understand the client's Profile

After a client has been added to RightCapital, the advisor can review, add, or delete elements of the client's profile. Clients with access to their Client Portal may also add additional financial information as well.

To access the client's profile, select the client's name from the client list in the advisor portal > ↗️ Open Client > Profile.

The default displays Net Worth. Notice this pattern of tabs reflects the initial client set up process, albeit in a slightly different order: (4) net worth, (6) goals, (2) income, (3) savings, (5) expenses, (1) family.

👉 The data displayed in the Client Profile reflect the total information used in the client's Plan. Modify, add, or remove any data to reflect an accurate client Plan.

Change how the data are applied

To change assumptions, methodology, or other data applications on a client-by-client basis, see client settings.

To adjust global settings, change system-wide client presets.

From the Net Worth tab, a summary of linked (or manually added) accounts will display:

To understand how to add data, refer to the initial set up articles.

To remove data: hover over the line item, click the "x" that appears on the right side of the item and click "DELETE":

Why can't I delete some items?

A few cards are automatically included: primary home and retirement health care expenses among them. These cannot be deleted from a client profile. To remove their impact on the client's Plan, set relevant values to zero.