Data Entry: Creating Multiple Proposed Plans

A client may have first approached your firm seeking a better way to manage invested assets. You are their answer! This article covers how to develop multiple proposals to present to clients. This allows you to demonstrate the impact and value of financial planning recommendations with ease.

Once created, illustrate multiple plans/scenarios within the Retirement Analysis and Cash Flows sections (in addition to illustrating the default Current and Proposed scenarios).

Adding plans to a client

To add additional plans for a client, open the client plan > select Gear Icon > Settings > Plans Tab

Click on Add Plan to add a new plan; enter the name of the plan and click on the check-mark to create the plan:

To delete a plan, simply click the gray "x" next to the plan. When asked to confirm, click **Delete**.

Using multiple scenarios in the retirement analysis tool

Visualize the potential of well-invested assets in the Retirement tool. Once one or more additional plans have been added, navigate to the Retirement Analysis screen to set up and show different planning scenarios.

Above the left-hand probability chart, there is a drop-down box to select the plan to illustrate. After selecting a plan, adjust values in the Action Items for that plan. Each new plan will default to the "current" values.

Example: comparing different retirement ages

In this example, consider different retirement age options: 65, 66, or 67. The Current plan is set to age 65, the Proposed plan has been set to 66, and the Proposed plan #2 has been set to 67. Use the drop-down boxes on each side of the screen to compare different options on the Probability and Investments charts:

The Confidence and Income charts will always reflect the plan on the left-hand column of the Action Items.

Using multiple scenarios in the cash flows tool

Dive into the anticipated details of a client's financial future in the Cash Flows tool. To see the cash flows for any additional plans that you create, navigate to the Cash Flow pages and simply use the drop-down box to select the plan you wish to see:


To illustrate different pension options, explore our article on Pension Options.

There are two noteworthy webinars highlighting the multiple scenario/plan functionality and potential use cases. Access replays of those webinars by clicking on the dates below:

January 9th 2021 - Reviewed the new Multiple Scenario / plan functionality to demonstrate different pension options to a client, plus Q&A.