FAQ: Property Goals

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the impact of listing a property that is outside the U.S.? 

Answer: When specifying that a property is “Non-U.S.,” rent income associated with an investment property is not taxable. There are also no capital gains generated upon the sale of the property. This is true for all property types (Primary home, Vacation home, investment property, and land).


Can I show a client moving into their vacation property?

Answer: There are many different options when proposing a “primary home relocation goal”. When inputting the primary home relocation goal, you will see a “new home” section. Here you can choose from the following options; inherit a home, buy a new home, rent a home, and move into an existing home.


Is property tax calculated by the financial plan?

Answer: Property tax will not be calculated automatically by RightCapital. When entering a property you will see a section to input the annual property tax payment. This expense will automatically flow into the Cash Flows as a housing expense. 

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