FAQ: Adding Annuities

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there an area where I can just simply input the income associated with an Annuity?

Answer: Within the Profile > Income section, click Add Income > Annuity. The Annuity Income card will allow you to model the inflows from an annuity without requiring you to input the details associated with the account in the Net Worth section.


Can I link annuities to a plan?  

Answer: You can link variable annuities using our aggregation feature or an advisor-level integration. Indexed and Fixed Annuities can only be linked through advisor-level integrations.


How can I show the benefit of adding an Annuity to the Proposed plan?

Answer: Yes, within the Retirement > Analysis > Probability section you can open the Action items at the bottom of the screen, click edit > Add New Items > Annuity. Here you can choose the amount the client would invest into the Annuity, the year of purchase, and determine the account type that will fund the Annuity. Building the Annuity in Retirement Analysis allows the proposed plan to be compared against the current plan, which does not include the Annuity Purchase.


What are "AV Base Fees" and "Benefit Base Fees"?

RightCapital includes a generic area on every Annuity account to input fees associated with the Annuity value (AV Base Fee) and the Benefit Base.

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