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Enhance Relationships with Tailor-Made Client Experiences

If you are looking to strengthen client relationships, increase retention, and reinforce brand values, permitting clients access to our financial planning portal is a proven path towards success. RightCapital's client portal financial plan & mobile app, allows each client to track financial goals, monitor investment account values, manage a budget, access bank-level encrypted cloud storage, and seamlessly communicate with you, their financial advisor.

Use the following information to explore the client portal, personalize client access, streamline client communications, and discover virtual onboarding resources.

Client Portal Overview

Notable trends in the finance industry have clients embracing virtual interactions and demanding easier, faster, and richer experiences. Empowering clients with access to the client portal provides reassurance and transparency for clients who are searching for additional value and comfort during uncertain times. RightCapital's client portal is comprised of the following two areas:

Financial Plan

RightCapital's client portal financial plan is an interactive tool that can be accessed from any client computer or smartphone. This area provides customizable access to each planning module as well as access to the vault area, tasks area, RightPay billing details, and security settings. The client portal is only available to clients who have been granted access to their financial plan.

Mobile Application

RightCapital's industry-first mobile application is a great way for you to stay, top of mind with your clients. Any client with access to the client portal can simply download RightCapital's mobile app on their smartphone, and log into their financial planning dashboard. The mobile app allows each client to track/update account details, monitor their budget, receive push notifications for assigned tasks, and access firm contact information. The mobile application will pull your logo from the software to reinforce brand value while delivering a unique client experience that sets you apart. Click here to learn more about the client portal mobile app.

Client Portal Benefits:

Financial Plan & Mobile App Access

When clients have access to their financial plan, it allows them to stay focused on long-term planning goals rather than being tied to market fluctuation. This leads to a more confident client who is less likely to engage their advisor each time the market dops. Access to financial plans also allows clients to virtually update their household details, track investment values, manage their budget, and become more engaged with the financial planning process. This ultimately means more planning in less time from the advisor's perspective.

Shared & Private Vault Access

Clients can access the Vault through a similar process as the advisor. Once logged into the client portal they can click on the 'more' menu in the upper right-hand corner and select the option for the Vault. Here clients can upload and download files from a shared, or private, Vault cloud storage area. This makes document storage and tracking efficient and simple for both advisor and client. For more information on the Vault cloud storage tool click this link.

Tasks to Streamline Client Communications

Let RightCapital help you streamline and automate your client communications with tasks and task templates. Advisors use Tasks to keep the momentum rolling between client meetings — ensuring that your client's future is ready for all the ups and downs of life. Tasks can only be used when the client is granted permission to their client portal. If the client downloaded the client portal mobile app, push notifications will be sent to the client's smartphone when tasks are due. Otherwise, clients will be email notified of tasks assigned to them. The timing of notifications can be adjusted for each advisor. For more information on Tasks click here.

Branding the Client Portal

The most valuable asset in your firm is the relationship you develop with your clients. Deploying a consistent brand experience to your clients furthers your position as a recognized, trustworthy, and reliable advisor. This, in turn, greatly increases client retention and bolsters your bottom line. Logos applied to RightCapital software will automatically transition to the client portal and mobile application.

Use the following resources to brand the client portal with your own logo and color theme:

To create additional consistency, use the Branded Login URL on your website to allow clients access to their portal through the branded login page, tied to your website. This keeps clients from having to visit when they want to visit their client portal financial plan.

Learn the client experience

Before you go too far, remember the first step is in your clients’ shoes: add yourself as a client to understand the questions they will ask and the feelings they will feel.

Send yourself an invitation. Link accounts. Create your own plan. Experience it as if you were your own client.

This will enable several important qualities:

  • You’ll be better prepared for their questions.
  • You’ll speak from experience (“What I found helpful was...”).
  • You can triple-check everything is ready for them. Is your logo set up? What about your color scheme?

For more on ensuring your branding is set up, review our profile, logo, and customization section.

Inviting Clients to Access Portal

Elevate your client experience by granting access to the client portal with the following resources. RightCapital allows you to invite clients to access their portal by selecting their name in the Advisors Portal > Clients Tab > Client List, then select Client Access tab on the right.

Use the following resources to invite clients to participate in RightCapital's client portal.

Virtual Onboarding

Top advisors use the RightCapital client portal to engage and retain existing clients and as a strong differentiator with prospects. Using the client portal to digitally onboard prospects is yet another way to save you time when establishing a new financial plan in RightCapital. The client onboarding process can be initiated by you or the prospect.

Advisors can initiate a virtual onboarding process for new prospects by clicking the green "Add new client" button in the Advisor Portal > Clients tab. You can then enter the client's name & email and select "Invite Client to Input Information".

This will send the client an invitation email to create a password and input the six initial steps of data entry that complete a financial plan. As a default, new clients will not have client portal access to planning modules, only the vault & data entry area.

Use the following client-facing resources to help digitally onboard new clients into RightCapital:

Pro Tip:

Use the RightCapital leads URL to let prospects create their own financial plans for you. You will be email notified when a new client has entered your client list. Insert the RightCapital Leads sign-up link on your website or include the link in marketing efforts and/or your email signature. For more information on generating prospect plans with the Leads URL, click here.

Taking the Next Steps

Here we'll describe how to invite your client to fill out their profile seamlessly from top to bottom.


Customize your invitation email template within the Advisor Portal > Gear Icon> Account > Customization Tab - we'll be looking at the second template titled 'Email to send to clients who can still access the data entry template'. You can update the language to your own verbiage as well as arm your clients with additional resources they may find helpful such as our Filling Out Your Profile video walkthrough. We also recommend providing supplementary client-facing flyers for any questions your clients may have!


Hi Homer,

Here’s your link to your RightCapital account. This is the system that enables us to link up all your bank accounts, create your financial plan, and track it over time.


Your email will act as your username, but you’ll need to create a password. Once in, the system will walk you through linking accounts and inputting data. The neat part is you can stop anytime and pick it up later in case you need to leave and come back—no need to fill it out all at once! Here is a short video guiding you through the process as well as an informational PDF attached.


[your name]

Once your client has completed filling out their profile, you'll receive an email notification. Make sure to look over the client's profile inputs to ensure the data is accurate. We can now begin making recommendations in Retirement > Analysis to build a tailor-fit proposal.


In this example, we're recommending that Homer can retire earlier (age 62) if he moves to a growth based asset allocation. Now that we've made the adjustments to our proposed plan, we want to provide Homer with further access. Select the 'Homer' from the Advisor Portal > Client List and click the 'Client Access' sub-tab. We'll check of the portions of the software relevant to the recommendations we are making today.



Now when Homer goes to access his financial plan he can see his updated balance sheet, asset allocation and progress towards long-term goals all in one place:

As the conversation evolves with Homer, we can make further recommendations such as Roth Conversions, Education Planning, Social Security strategy and more! As we build a closer relationship with the client and begin to address their wants and needs around these topics we can open up their client access further and adjust our fee structure to match.

Pro-Tip: Embed our Branded Login URL on your website so clients can login directly from there, creating a seamless client experience from start to finish.

Additional Resources

Need additional resources & best practices around introducing RightCapital to your clients? Use the resources below to help clients realize the full potential of RightCapital's client portal.

RightCapital is committed to enabling your success. Each week, we set aside time to cover important updates and host a Q&A with the product team, giving you a direct line of access to the experts behind the curtain. Visit the Upcoming and Most Recent Webinars area to register today!

Also, be sure to check out the Getting started guide and our YouTube channel for more!

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