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Elevate The Client Experience With These Resources

Excellence starts well before the client meeting. As with most things in life, the pre-work is often as important as the presentation. Spend a few minutes to get your clients set up consistently and in line with your unique advising philosophy.

Branded Client Interface

The most valuable asset in your firm is the relationship you develop with your clients. Deploying a consistent brand experience to your clients furthers your position as a recognized, trustworthy, and reliable advisor. This, in turn, greatly increases client retention and bolsters your bottom line.

Client Onboarding

Top advisors use the RightCapital client portal to engage and retain existing clients and as a strong differentiator with prospects. The client portal is a trust-building tool that keeps you focused on what you care about most: effective client relationships.

Client Access

Continue to elevate your client experience by granting access for your clients to have a “financial home base” to see a holistic snapshot at any point, from any internet-connected device.

Presenting Financial Plans

Want to learn the best practices around introducing RightCapital to your clients? What about presentation tips? And what about how to efficiently roll out your portal to your clients?

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