RightPay Account Setup

To set up your RightPay account, please contact RightCapital support via Intercom or at support@rightcapital.com. You will be notified when your subscription has been updated and you are able to enter your account information. You will need to sign out and sign back into RightCapital, and then click on the 'RightPay' menu to set up your account:

You will need to fill out all information on the Accounts screen to create your account. It is important to enter accurate information as it is submitted to and reviewed by the payment processor, Stripe.

Company section

Name: Legal name of your firm

Tax ID: Tax ID for your firm

Phone: Main number for your firm

Bank account section

Routing Number: Routing number for your bank.

Account Number:  Account number for your bank account. This is the account that will be receiving payments.

Business Profile section

Business website: Your firm's main website, enter with the www. prefix, e.g. www.rightcapital.com

Street Address, City, State, ZIP: Your firm's address

Executives section

This information should be entered for an executive at the firm who has responsibility for payments and access to the bank account provided.

First Name, Last Name: Legal first and last names.

Email: Business email address

SSN Last 4 Digits: Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

Phone Number: Business phone number

Date of Birth: Date of Birth

Street Address, City, State, ZIP: Address you can be reached at work.