Adding trust-owned investments to a Client's profile

For clients with assets in a Credit Shelter Trust or a Charitable Remainder Trust, reflect these assets by adding a Trust investment into the Client's Net Worth. Navigate to the client and select Profile > Net Worth. Select Add Account > Investment. From the _Owner_field, select Trust.

When the Owner is changed to Trust, there will be two options available under Account Type: Credit Shelter Trust and Charitable Remainder Trust.

For either trust type, add information about income that the client is receiving from the trust, as well as fees that reduce the trust's value:

Specify the Income as either a fixed dollar amount each year or as a percentage of the trust account value; select the option under Income type and enter the amount/percentage accordingly.

Specify how long the income will be received using the Income Term drop-down; this can be either for clients' lifetime or can be set to a specific ending year. The Starting Year is when income will begin.

If there is an annual fee as a percentage of the trust value, enter that under Trust fees; that will reduce the client's value accordingly.

Lastly, include any specific assets in the account by selecting either Add Holding or Add Asset Class and completing the information accordingly.

When complete, click  Save.