How to use Vault Storage

The Vault is a secure and accessible location to share relevant information between you and your clients. The Vault is yet another built-in feature that elevates your advising and launches your practice into the future.

Use the document storage vault to share documents online with clients. Any document needed for processing, meeting, or long-term storage can be contained in the Vault safely.

Loading files to the Vault


Access the Vault under the "more" menu (represented by three dots) after opening the client's plan:

There are two tabs within the Vault - the Shared Folder and the Private Folder.


  • Any documents loaded within the Shared Folder will be able to be seen by both you and the client.
  • Any documents loaded within the Private Folder will only be seen by you.
  • Your client will also have a Private Folder where they can add documents; those documents will not be seen by you.
  • Files to be loaded to the vault must be under 25 MB in size.  There is no limit on the total number of files you / your client can load to the vault.

Click Add File to upload files directly into the Vault.

Click Pick files from your computer to select files or drag-and-drop files into the screen displayed above. You can select multiple files at once to load to the Vault.


You can also click on the icons on the left to copy documents from popular online services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, or Box.


Click Add to vault to add the files: Files will upload in a timely manner; you will be able to see the upload progress. Once complete, the files will be accessible to the client on their Vault.

Organizing files within the Vault

Set up folders to help organize the files within the Vault.


Click on Create Folder, type in the name of the new folder, and hit Enter or click on the green checkmark to add the folder.


Once you create a folder, drag-and-drop files from the main folder to the new folder: simply click on the file, hold the mouse button, and drag the file into the folder you wish to put the file in.


Here’s what it may look like when using the drag-and-drop feature to move files:


To move a file out of a folder, click on it and drag-and-drop it to the appropriate folder in the folder path above:

Click on the folder to see the file within that folder:


  • A folder path appears above the file list in the Vault to help navigate
  • Create nested folders by adding a new folder within an existing folder, or by dragging and dropping one folder into another.

Updating / Downloading Files from the Vault

Once added to the Vault, files can be downloaded or deleted by checking the box to the left of the file name, then selecting download or delete from the icons above. When downloading multiple files at once, RightCapital will create a .zip file that includes all the information selected.

To update the file name click the three dots to the fight of the file. Options include rename the file, or delete the file. You can also download files by clicking on the hyperlinked file name.

File Preview

To see a preview of the vault files, simply click the file's name within the shared or private folder. A preview screen will appear which allows you to cycle through file options by clicking on arrows on the left & right sides of your screen. Once you find the file you are searching for, click download on the upper right corner.

Client Access to the Vault

Clients can access the Vault through a similar process.  Once they’ve logged in and completed the six-step data entry process, they can click on the 'more' menu in the upper right-hand corner and select the option for the Vault:


  • The client will see the same Vault interface as you.
  • They will have the ability to download any files that you have loaded into the Shared Folder by clicking on the file name or clicking on the ellipses next to the file name.
  • They cannot rename or delete any files that you loaded to the shared folder. Any files they add they will be able to rename, download, or delete.
  • You can sort information in the vault by file name or date added by clicking on the column name once to sort lowest to highest; clicking on it again to sort highest to lowest.  Folders will always display before files; both folders and files will be sorted by the column selected.