Data Entry: Model Portfolios

Accessing Model Portfolios

RightCapital’s proprietary Asset Allocation Portfolios utilize Asset Classes determined by Morningstar. They were developed based on public data at from leading investment management firms, including Fidelity, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, Charles Schwab, Principal, and American Funds. Model portfolios can be seen and customized for use in the advisor portal > models tab. Once entered within the advisor portal, model portfolios can be used in each client plan. Models can be tied to individual investment accounts in the Net Worth or used to adjust a client's investment strategy over time.

Adding New Model Portfolios

Create customized portfolios by navigating to  Advisor Portal > Models. To create a new portfolio click "add portfolio" on the left. The new portfolio can be renamed by clicking the pen and paper icon and assigned value through asset classes or individual holdings.

Customizing model portfolios by asset class

To create a model portfolio by asset class use the model type dropdown menu to select "asset class based". Scroll down to enter the percentage of each asset class that makes up the portfolio. Values must equal 100% to save.

Create custom model portfolios by holdings

If you would like to create a model portfolio based off holdings, click on the dropdown > select "holdings based". Portfolio will default to 100% other, use the "edit holding" button on the right to input specified holding.

Use the drawer to enter ticker symbols, from Morningstar's database, along with their corresponding weighting. Values must equal 100% in order to save. When viewing the new portfolio within a client's plan, only the associated asset classes will be visible.

Default model portfolios

RightCapital includes seven default model portfolios. The Asset Allocation Portfolio allocations are as follows. We plan to review the data on an annual basis.

Re-order Model Portfolios

When viewing the list of your model portfolios, RightCapital gives you the option to change the order they are displayed. Within the models you can click on the title of one of the models then drag it to the desired location.

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For additional assistance creating model portfolios in RightCapital please contact Support.