FAQ: Trust Owned Assets

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will an account that is set to trust as owner, appear on the client's balance sheet?

Answer: Any trust owned account will add value to the client’s net worth and will be listed on the balance sheet as trust owned.


Can I specify if a trust is owned by a client or co-client?  

Answer: When modeling a trust owned asset, you will not have an option to specify the client's as owners. If one of the clients is responsible for the taxation within a grantor trust, they can be identified as the grantor on the trust within the Net Worth or Estate area.


Where can I show trust income impacting the client’s plan? 

Answer: If you want to see the trust income flowing into the plan, navigate to the Retirement > Cash Flows > Summary Page and look under the Income Inflows. You can also see a breakdown of retirement income sources, including trust income, within the Retirement > Analysis > Retirement Details Tab.

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