FAQ: Return Scenarios

Frequently Asked Questions

Need assistance with settings and assumptions? RightCapital is here to help! Please use the common questions and answers below to assist you in generating financial plans. For additional assistance use the link to our support team at the bottom of the article.


What are the pre-loaded models based on? 

Answer: Most of our return scenario sequences were formulated by the RightCapital team while the “Fed adversed scenario” followed by modest growth represents a typical solvency test for equity reserves by leading insurance companies. When building return scenarios, we recommend referencing historical data. 


How many years are scenarios?

Answer: The pre-loaded model scenarios found in the advisor portal are applicable for 50 years. The same holds true for any custom scenarios created. 


Can I show the effect of a model scenario in the CashFlows? 

Answer: Yes, if you would like to show the effect of a model portfolio in the cash flows section navigate to the client's settings in the gear icon > methodology section, check the box titled “allow display of scenario-specific cash flows. This will now populate a drop-down within the cash flows section where you can choose from any of the pre-loaded scenarios or any that you have created. 

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