How to use Custom Expense Categories

Either you or your clients can add additional categories for clients to use in the pre-retirement and retirement expense worksheets or the Budget tool! Additional categories are tied to individual clients. To add categories, open the client's plan, click on the 'gear' icon and select 'Settings'.

You will see a list of the existing categories in the three category types (Income, Expense, Other).  You can click on 'Add category' to add additional categories to any of the three types.

When you add a category, it will display in the appropriate section; you can click in the box to update the description, and click the green checkmark or hit

to save the new category.

If you wish to delete a custom category, mouse over the category and click on the 'X', and then confirm the deletion.  You can only delete custom categories, you can not delete any of the existing categories.  You can not delete a category if there are any transactions that have been assigned to it.

You can add up to 50 custom categories under each category type.