RightCapital Leads

RightCapital is invested in your success. This includes creating a platform by which you can begin to win new clients through lead-generation. This feature allows you to take advantage of social media advertising, QR codes on business cards, and other creative sales-funnel techniques to grow your book of business.

What is the RightCapital Leads program?

RightCapital Leads provides the ability to share a link that is unique to your account and allows prospects or new clients to create their own account within RightCapital and access some of the basic tools. Provide a link to the RightCapital Leads sign-up screen on your website or include the link in marketing efforts and/or your email signature.

A quick example of how the RightCapital Leads link may generate new business:

  1. Create a compelling question in your email signature like, "Is your retirement on solid ground?"
  2. Create a call to action like, "Tell me more" beneath your compelling question. This call to action ought to contain your RightCapital Leads link as a hyperlink.
  3. A curious investor clicks on your link and they are taken to a screen where they can sign up as your client automatically.
  4. Now you have a new lead! Reach out to set up a meeting, collect more financial data, and offer to sign an ACAT right then and there.
  5. You have a new client and a larger book of business! Great job!

Activating RightCapital Leads

Find the RightCapital Leads link from the Advisor Portal. Navigate to ⚙️  > Account and scroll down to see the URL of your unique link:

Select Copy and then paste the link into any document of your — email signature, website buttons, QR codes, etc. Get creative! Once the link is pasted into some public location (including something as simple as an email signature) your Leads can begin to generate new business! That's all there is to it.

Clients will be directed through the six step data entry process to enter some of their key information. Upon completing the process, they will automatically have access to the Balance Sheet, Liquidity, and Budget screens under the Dashboard. At that point, you will be able to grant them access to additional screens like any other client.

This is powerful because now you have (1) key financial information, (2) key contact information, (3) some insight into their retirement prospects. With this data, build a proposal and reach out to the prospective client to lock down their business and begin transferring their assets under your management.

Use the New Client Checklist to be sure the initial engagement is superb. Then, create a stellar client experience to keep them for the long-haul.

You will receive an email notification once a prospective client completes their initial profile, including their name and email address. The prospect's name will show up in your client list.

The prospect will receive an email requesting that they verify their email account.  This email will have your branding and signature.  For more details, review our article on Email Verification.

Leads Program Flyer

All of our prospecting materials are editable and allow you to include your logo, contact information, and disclosure to meet your firm’s needs. Click the link below to access the Leads Program Flyer:

Webinar Overview

Check out our webinar detailing how to grow your business with the RightCapital leads url. Click here to view.