How to Troubleshoot Account Aggregation


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Explore the Aggregation Process in RightCapital

Linking accounts through aggregation is a simple and easy way to enhance financial planning value for clients. Occasionally there are questions about the aggregation process and how to troubleshooting error messages. In this article, you will find information and resources to help you guide clients through a successful aggregation experience.

For client-facing PDF's that you can send directly to users, please use the following links:

Instructions to Link Accounts

Troubleshooting Common Errors

For additional information on using account aggregation to enter data into a financial plan click here.

What Happens Once Log In Credentials are Entered?

1.) The information provided is used to retrieve account balance and position information from the institution. It also creates a link to the account that RightCapital uses to update those values. 2.) If a bank or credit card account is linked, RightCapital will also retrieve the past three months’ worth of transactions for use within the Budget tool.3.) Depending on the number of accounts and transactions at the financial institution, it may take a few moments to import the information. During import, the accounts may not be visable on the Net Worth's account list.4.) Accounts will generally update daily but may update less frequently depending on the type of authentication used. To refresh all connections, click on the circular arrow (manual refresh) to the right of the Net Worth value.

Important Infomation for Managing Connections

Certain aggregation connections will require the client to re-enter their username/password and two-factor authentication periodically to refresh the account. The client should log in regularly to ensure the link is refreshing successfully. As the advisor, you can open the client's Net Worth then select the manual refresh button to manually update account values. If an error appears under the “import in progress” bar, this could mean the connection is requiring the client's username/password to be entered again.

At various institutions, passwords sometimes expire after a period of time (for example, 120 days). If this happens, first have the client update their password at their financial institution and then ask them to re-enter their username and password within their client portal.

When clients are connecting an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) or Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), the aggregator may provide us with the share value but not the individual options. Also, insurance policies cannot be linked through account aggregation in RightCapital.

Troubleshooting Common Errors

Below are some common error messages that are encountered while aggregating client accounts. Please use the information below to help troubleshoot issues that are being reported by clients. For a client-facing PDF that you can send to your clients, please use this link.

Common Error Message: We could not update your account because your username and/or password were reported to be incorrect. Please re-verify your username and password.

Resolution: The client may not be using the correct institution login URL. Please ask the client to compare the Login Address to the URL they use outside of RightCapital. They can check this by clicking on the green "link account" option > login address > click on the green arrow (this should redirect the client to the site used outside of RightCapital)

Does the client have two-factor authentication set up on their account? Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of security that institutions can offer. Most link options will require clients to have this set up to link through a third-party aggregator. If the client is unsure of how to set this up: ask them to contact their institution.

If the client is still receiving an error message, please leave the error message under “Import in progress”. Then reach out to RighCapital's support team for assistance. Please do not delete an account that has been linked. This will not resolve the error and could result in data loss.

Common Error Message: We could not update your account because your financial institution's website is experiencing technical difficulties.

Resolution: If the client is receiving this error message, please leave the error message under “Import in progress”. Then reach out to RighCapital's support team for assistance.

Common Error Message: Your request has timed out as the required security information was unavailable or was not provided within the expected time. Please try again.

Resolution: The link option is asking the client to re-enter their username/password & two-factor authentication. On this information is entered, the account will successfully refresh.

Common Error Message: We could not update your account because it appears your account has been locked. This usually results from too many unsuccessful login attempts in a short period of time. Please visit the site or contact it's customer support to resolve this issue. Once done, please update your account credentials in case there are changes.

Resolution: Please ask the client to reach out to their institution to get the account unlocked.

Track Progress on Top Connections

The following table lists top institutions aggregated into RightCapital. Use the information below to track progress on known issues and review the estimated date for resolution. This information will be updated on a weekly basis.

Institution URLIssueImpacted Container Estimated Resolution
Bank of America Login URLNo reported issuesN/AN/A
Chase Login URLNo reported issuesN/AN/A
Fidelity Investments Login URLNo reported issuesN/AN/A
Vanguard Login URLNo reported issuesN/AN/A
Wells Fargo Login URLNo reported issuesN/AN/A

For information on troubleshooting account aggregation issues with institutions not listed here, please contact RightCapital Support.