How to use Snapshot Module

As the financial planning landscape evolves over time, so do the expectations around a deliverable output. RightCapital's Snapshot module allows advisors to easily generate a customizable client overview that presents multiple aspects of the financial plan within one screen. Use this intuitive executive summary to demonstrate financial progress during a meeting or keep clients up to date by adding the Snapshot report to their vault. To find the Snapshot module open the client plan > select Dashboard tab > Snapshot.


The Snapshot module is a customizable, widget-style interface, that can be used to present multiple aspects of a client's plan on one screen. Advisors can customize the modules that make up this page which include key metrics such as Net Worth, Savings Rate, and other items such as Probability of Success, Balance sheet, Asset allocation and more.

The Snapshot tab will be the default landing page when advisors first open the client plan. This area can be customized to include any of the following financial plan details:

Key Metrics:

  • Net Worth
  • Probability of Success
  • Savings Rate
  • Withdrawal Rate
  • Effective Tax Rate


  • Historical Net Worth
  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet Summary
  • Budget Expenses


  • Current Allocation
  • Tax Allocation Summary
  • Concentration


  • Client's Life Insurance Analysis
  • Co-Client's Life Insurance Analysis


  • Probability of Success
  • Confidence Chart
  • Current Year Savings
  • Stress Test

Customization Options

The Snapshot report can be customized as needed with drag and drop flexibility and the ability to add or remove widgets using the "Add Item" dropdown menu.

Pro tip:

  • When using the concentrated position widget a maximum of 4 concentrated positions will be visible.
  • When using the bulleted list on the formatted notes section, the report PDF can cut off the list after 4 lines (half textbox) and after 13 lines (full text box).

Generating Snapshot Report

Open the client and click on the "More" menu (represented by the ... ellipsis) and select "Report".

  1. Select the Snapshot element of the report as well as any other area's that you'd like to include. (Clicking a bolded word will automatically select all the sub-sections; selecting an item that is unbolded will only include that one item in addition to anything else selected.)

  1. Scroll down and select Download selected pages. This will generate a .pdf which can be printed out using your standard .pdf software.


The Snapshot also provides a PDF report preview that allows advisors to see the layout of the items if they were to print this page in the PDF report.

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For additional assistance using the Snapshot feature in RightCapital please contact Support.