Knowledge Base Articles

Explore Planning Topics in RightCapital

The following articles are designed to provide an overview of RightCapital topics and explain how outcomes are generated in financial plans.


Annuities: Click this link for an overview of Annuities and how they are treated in financial plans.

Business Assets

Business Asset: Click this link to review business assets and their impact on a financial plan.


Debt: Click this link to review debt management strategies in RightCapital.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance: Click this link for an overview of Life Insurance in RightCapital.

Monte Carlo Scenario Generation

Monte Carlo Scenario Generation: Click this link to review how RightCapital uses advanced Monte Carlo simulations for future-date predictions.

Required Minimum Distributions (RMD's)

Required Minimum Distributions: Click this link to learn about required minimum distributions and how they are calculated within a financial plan.

Social Security

Social Security: Click this link for an overview of Social Security income and how certain calculations are generated within RightCapital.

Student Loans

Student Loans: Click this link to review facts and information that will help you to understand the nuances student loan planning in RightCapital.

Stock Plans

Stock Plans: Click this link for an overview of stock plans and their necessary components in RightCapital.


Trusts: Click this link for an overview of trust types used in RightCapital and their impact on financial plans.

Retirement Spending Strategies

Retirement Spending Strategies: Click this link for an overview of the different Retirement Spending Strategies that can be used within RightCapital.

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