FAQ: Stock Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do my client's stock plans show a balance of $0? 

Answer: In RightCapital we only show the balance of an asset if the client owns the stock. Stock Plan accounts will not add value to the Net Worth unless the shares are vested, exercised, and held.


Where do I enter stock options that have already vested and been exercised? 

Answer: Any stock options that have vested and exercised should be entered in the Net Worth by clicking Add Account > Investment and entering the holdings and account type associated with the stock plan (Ex. Employee stock ownership plan). 


Where will I see the value of the stock options flow into the plan when liquidated? 

Answer: You can see stock plan grants liquidate in the future by navigating to the Retirement > Cash Flows > Options tab. You can also see the proceeds from stock liquidation impact the Retirement > Cash Flows > Summary Tab under Income Inflows > Other Inflows column. 


What is the difference between shares held and shares exercised? 

Answer: Shares held represents the number of shares that had previously vested and were exercised but which were held within the stock plan. Shares held will be included in liquidation strategy. While shares exercised will represent shares of stock options that have been exercised but not liquidated, these stock options will not be included in the stock plan. 

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