FAQ: Savings

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are my savings cards not being funded in the cash flow projection?

Answer: Savings will only be funded if there is enough income in the specified calendar year to do so. If you wish to reduce taxable investment accounts in order to fund IRA and 529 savings check the "Use taxable account to fund IRA and 529 saving when current year cash flow is inadequate" box in the Client Plan > Gear Icon > Settings > Methodology tab.


How do I add savings into a bank account?

Answer: If you wish to illustrate future savings into a bank account, choose the cash management settings that "treats bank accounts as cash" in the Client Plan > Gear Icon > Settings > Methodology tab. After doing so you will see an option to Add Savings > Other > Bank.


How much do IRS contribution limits grow when projecting savings into the future?

Answer: RightCapital will grow IRS contribution limits by the tax inflation assumption annually as we project savings into the future. This setting can be manipulated in the Advisor Portal > Assumptions > Inflation tab.


Can I link savings to a specific account? 

Answer: As RightCapital projects assets into the future, savings are added to "buckets" of assets rather than specific accounts. To view the different buckets of assets visit the Retirement > Cash Flows > Accounts Tab.


Where can I see employee vs employer contributions within a financial plan? 

Answer: Within the Retirement Cash Flows you can view the employee contributions within the Summary > Planned Savings and net flows (taxable savings) column. Employer contributions can be viewed within the Cash Flows > Invested Assets tab. You can see the employee and employer contributions within the Retirement Cash Flows> Accounts tab by selecting “addition to accounts” in the dropdown menu.  

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