FAQ: Retirement Spending Strategies

Frequently Asked Questions

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What impact will adjusting the retirement spending strategy have on a plan? 

Answer: The retirement spending strategy will only impact the retirement expense data card within the Profile > Goals area. The spending smile and spending stages will adjust retirement spending to behavioral changes through life while the Floor and Ceiling strategy and Guardrails strategy will adapt the retirement spending to market performance. 


Can I create my own versions for retirement spending models?

Answer: In addition to making edits to the pre-loaded retirement spending models you can also create completely customized one off models in the Advisor Portal > Models > Retirement Spending tab. Once created here the models will be available to all financial plans under your login.  


Can I show the impact of different spending models in a proposed plan?  

Answer: Yes, in the Retirement Analysis section you can open the action items and select any of the spending strategy models that you would like to compare within the proposed plan. The Retirement Analysis > Retirement Details tab > Retirement Spending chart is a great place to review the impact on total spending.  

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