FAQ: Modeling Pension Options in a Financial Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the best tab for modeling different pension options? 

Answer: The best place to compare pension options is within the Retirement > Analysis > Probability tab. In the Action Items, select Add New Items > Income > Pension to model different pension options that will only affect the proposed plan. This can then be compared against the current plan. 


Can you show a survivor benefit on a pension?

Answer: Yes, when modeling a pension in the Profile > Income tab, the survivor benefit will be entered as a percentage within the data card. 


How can I model a lump sum pension into a client's plan?

Lump sum pensions can be entered within the Profile > Savings > Add Savings > Tax Deferred Savings card. This will be seen as an employer contribution into the client's qualified assets that is not limited by IRS contribution limits.


How do I model a cash balance pension?

Answer: You can model a cash balance pension in the Profile > Savings > Add Savings area by selecting Cash balance pension. This will show as employer contribution to client’s qualified assets.  

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