FAQ: Inherited IRA's

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does RigthCapital automatically factor in Required Minimum Distribution’s from inherited IRA’s? 

Answer: Yes, RightCapital will automatically factor in inherited IRA RMD’s based on the relationship to the beneficiary, original owners date of birth, and the original owners date of death.  


How do I indicate that an inherited IRA is still subject to a stretch-IRA distribution rule? 

Answer: If this is a spousal inherited IRA that is not subject to the 10-year distribution rule, indicate the appropriate account subtype and set the distribution field to stretch IRA rule within the Profile > Net Worth > inherited IRA account. 


How do I show an IRA that my client is expecting to inherit invested assets in the future? 

Answer: To model a future IRA inheritance, utilize the Profile > Income > Add Income > Inheritance card, enter the relevant information and change the inherited asset drop down menu to “Traditional IRA”.  


Does RightCapital update as legislation changes occur in the future?

Answer: Yes, RightCapital prides itself on timely updates for any legislation that impacts RMD’s as well as tax law changes. 

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