FAQ: Global Inflation Assumptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Need assistance with setting and assumptions? RightCapital is here to help! Please use the common questions and answers below to assist you in generating financial plans. For additional assistance use the link to our support team at the bottom of the article.


How does RightCapital formulate the default inflation assumptions for financial plans?

Answer: RightCapital's pre-populated inflation assumptions are based on 40-year averages. We review this information on an annual basis.  


Will changing these assumptions change all my client’s plans?

Answer: Changing assumptions in the advisor portal will change all clients plans. It is best to review the assumptions and align them with your unique advising philosophy before generating and presenting financial plans.  


Can I change inflation assumptions for just one client? 

Answer: Yes, if you want to adjust assumptions for an individual client,  open their plan and click the Gear icon > Settings > Assumptions tabs. Here you will have the opportunity to change the assumptions for that specific client. 

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